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Adam's Custom Cat
Adam's Grabbers
Alley Cat  - 7 tail &  9 tail leather

Ball Chain Cat
Ball Chain Kitten
Bambi's Revenge - deerskin flogger
Bambi's Skinni Friend - deerskin kitty-kat
Basic Floggers - Reg., Super, Skinni, Mini
Beaver Tail - flapper on a braid
Beverly's Crushers   - 8" or 12" set of 3

Big Bopper - heavy, long cat
Big Brother - strap
Big Foot - strap on a handle
Big Thieves' Cat - codline
Black Beauty - flogger
Black Cat  -  Rubber flogger
Black Rods - nylon - 3 versions
Blackly Twisted - poly rods

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Bottom Brush - rattan rods -wrapped handle

Brass Corkscrew  -  Rubber cat
Brass Whipsicle - Our braided single tail
Brothers - Big, Li'l & Middle
Buggy Whip, Ours -choice of tip
Bull Woodie flogger
Bullwinkle, THE Moose flogger

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Canadian Prison Strap - 2 sizes
Canes & Rods - Rattan, Nylon, Poly
Carcass Beater- Polyethylene
Carved Lash
- Leather, Rubber
Cats - Leather, Rubber, Fibers
Cats - Codline
Clawfoot Floggers - choice of leather
Clearly Twisted - poly rods

Codline Colts - for the serious player
Codline Cats - for the serious player
Colts - Codline - for the serious player
Corkscrew, Johnny - twisted Rubber Cat
Cowboy Quirts - braided import

Crop - Traditional - vinyl, vegan-friendly
Crop - Ours - choice of flapper
Crapper - 1/2 Crop, 1/2 Slapper
Cuban Quirt - 2 sizes
Custom Braided Cats - by Adam
Custom Floggers

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DeLuxe Canes
- in Scabbard
Double Strap - 2 sizes
Dragon Canes - all sizes & styles
Duchess - Nylon Flogger

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Fat Albert - Nylon Flogger
Fauxbirches - Rattan
Feline, Generic - single or in pairs
Fingers - 1, 2 or 3 polyethylene rods
Fist Floggers - 3 sizes
Five-Finger Taws (Tawes)
Flagellarium - Long Leather Cat 
Floggers - nylon, leather, rubber & more            
Flying Clydesdale - Horsehair Flogger
Flying Horse - Horsehair Flogger
Flying Linguini - Moderate Leather Cat

Foots - Big Foot, Little Foot - & Double
Foxtail w Wood Handle
Frat Bat - Leather
French Whipsicle - Braided Leather

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Generic Felines
Gillian's Double Grippers
Gillian's Grippers
Gillian's Paddle
Gobo -  Fat, Friendly Deerhide Flogger
Gorean Slave Whip - really a cat
Grand Duke - Nylon Flogger
Great Bear -   Large Neoprene Rubber Strap

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Hairbrush Paddles
- 2 sizes
Hame Ball Floggers- Brass or Chrome
Hemp Cats - real Hemp, 2 sizes

Hip Strap - double layer on ring
Hip Whip - pocket-sized

Holey Cow! - Large Leather Paddle
Holey Paddles!
- Leather

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Jailer's Cat -a smaller Prison Cat
Johnny Corkscrew - twisted Rubber Cat

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Lady  - Nylon Flogger
Leather Lord
- Flogger
Libertitty Bells - Nipple Suction

Little Bear - Rubber Strap in handle
Little Birch - Polyethylene cat
Little Brother - Strap
Little Foot - Strap on handle
Loopy Johnny - Small Rubber Cat
Lord -   Nylon flogger

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Maestro - Poly or Nylon Rod
Martinet - Leather Cat, turned wood handle
Mexican Quirts - Regular & Junior sizes

Middle Brother - mid-size strap
Mini-Basic - Leather, Rubber
Mini-Birch - Polyethylene rods
Mini-Birch II - Polyethylene too
Mistress' Strap - narrow, leather
Monitor's Strap - narrower & shorter, leather
Moosetta Flogger - Bullwinkle's friend

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Nasty Cats
- - Leather, Codline, Braided
Navy Cat - Hemp
Newgate Cat - Tarred Codline
Nicholas' Cat - Tarred Codline

Notso - Neoprene strap Not so Slick, not so Slim

Odd Bodkins - Nipple Clamps
Old Time Navy Cat - in Hemp or Manila
Our Buggy Whip - Nylon
Our Crop - Leather, Rubber tips, Nylon shaft

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Paddles - listing in Leather or Plastic
Pain Scraper - Sm Heavy rubber strap
Panther Tail - Flexible rubber "rod"
Pocket Paddle   - Leather or Plastic
Prison Cat
- Tarred Codline - whipped ends
Prison Strap - Canadian style
Probation Strap - a smaller Prison Strap

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Quirts -  Leather - Large & Jr

Rattan Canes - Plain, Modern, SchoolMaster
Rattan Cane - DeLuxe, in Scabbard
Rattan Dragon Canes

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Sade's Sweeper - his personal favorite
SchoolMistress - Strap
Scorpion- Rubber Cat
Sensual Slapstick - leather
Shades of Grey Flogger - nylon
Shortbok - Sjambok in our handle

Shower Power Cats - Rubber
Singapore Stick - Heavy Rattan Cane
Single Tail Whips - made in our shop
Sjambok - Heavy rods - choice of sizes
Skinni Basic - choice of tresses

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Slapper, Traditional
Slick Slim   -  Rubber Strap
Slipper Slapper
 - aka Spoon Slapper
Sole Bend Paddle/Strap
Sonofabirch - Long Polyethylene

Square Paddle - 2 Versions
Steel Rod - "the Steely Ouchy"
St. Christopher - Codline cat
Straddles - 1/2 strap, 1/2 paddle
Straps - listing of Straps, Slappers & Taws
Strapsicle - strap-on-a-stick
Suckerfish  -  Suction cups - Black
Super Basic - choice of tress material
Sweeper - broom straw beater

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THE Paddle - now Regular or Small
Thieves' Cat - Tarred Codline
Three Fingers - Polyethylene rods

Three Finger Tawes - More than 2 - Less than 5

Thudbeast & Thudbeastie Floggers -Heavy
Thunderbolt - Polyethylene rod
Tit-Elater -   in Deer

Traditional Cat - Nylon

Traditional Crop - Vegan
Traditional Slapper - Leather
Tribble - Gentle Nylon Flogger
Twisters - thin poly rods
Two Fingers - Polyethylene rods

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Valentine - Flogger for "softies"
Viper - Braided single-tail "Masterpiece"
Viper Tongues -Taws-like straps

Wet Noodles - Deerskin kitten
Whipsicles - Our Singletail - Choice of Handle
White Lightnin' - Polyethylene Rod
White Rod - Nylon
White Thunderbolt - Heavy Polyethylene

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