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The Viper

   This design handles like a single-tail but hits like a Cat -- a sharp-clawed cat at that.

   The Viper evolved from the St. Christopher. It is light, fast and supremely accurate. Recently it was "upgraded" and multiplied by two. What's different?

   The original Viper, remains 42" long from tip to tips, with an expanded handle diameter, and some weight in the butt.

   What's new is The Boa ... a more robust version of our Masterpiece. It is available either 36" or 48" long, tip-to-tips, and is bigger in every way -- handle diameter, braid diameter and the "claws" at the ends. (Both versions have three "blood knots" on each of the 12 strands.)

   What this has done is very subtle, practically speaking. The increase in the taper has, if anything, increased the tip speed, making the distinctive swish/whistle of this implement in flight somewhat louder and adding slightly to the already formidable impact this Cat has on its victims. The accuracy remains absolutely superb!

    Either version of this whip will make marks and break skin ... very easily. However, with practice, it can be used with moderation and discretion to give a light stinging blow that is almost pleasurable.  Adam considers The Viper one of his Masterpieces! The Boa is a worthy addition to the concept.

One of our customers emailed us this "unsolicited testimonial" :
   "I read ... that you consider The Viper one of your masterpieces. I am writing to agree with you 100%. I have one, have had it for years, and I have used it in public ... in San Francisco, IML, ... Boot Camp and LLW in Northern California.  It is always admired by the boys I use it on and the people who see me use it. It will never wear out, but I have worn out a lot of boys with it.  Well done. Well made.  DaddyH"

The Viper

42 long $245.
The Boa
36" -48"long $255. - $265