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Nicholas' Cat

   This is another design inspired by a client's specific needs (named Nicholas, of course). The requirement was to make "less work for Mistress," so the first specification was that this little cat be small and light. It also needed to be sting-y, accurate and have a wide range of sensations, so as to not inconvenience Mistress with the need to change instruments too often.

   The principle sensation is sting. Each of the 1/16" diameter tarred codline mini-tresses is tipped with three cylindrical "blood knots." Gently used it is like the tapping of fingernails. Laid on with a vigorous arm it can raise welts and even make tiny, superficial blood spots where the knots dig in.

   We have also made a less elaborate, less costly version of this amazingly effective little cat. The materials and dimensions are the same. The handle is our simple, Wrapped handle with flat nylon cord and vinyl end caps. A brass screw eye takes the place of the braided hanging loop. The effect at the other end is exactly the same.

   If you like our St. Christopher and/or The Viper, but haven't the room ... or the stamina -- to use them, either of these is an ideal alternative.

Signature Handle




Plain wrapped Handle

Cats II