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Genitoyture Devices

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For Men &/or Women

Feature Item
Adam's Grabbers

New Screw adjustment. Black clips for foreskin, scrotal ridge ...
and labia.
- Intense 3.25"x 1"
Chain & rings available.

$15./ pr

Beverly's Crushers
A set of three poly rods, in two lengths, with tabs to create pressure on the penis &/or the scrotum - moderate 8" & 12"


Gillian's Double Grippers

Two matched pairs on color-coordinated cord- go around thighs. Adjustable - moderate 36 long -- or your special length to fit.


Labia Lifter

Clear rod between the lips, tension created with turning knob on steel or brass rod. Choice of Gillian's Grippers, Adam's Grabbers or Suckerfish.- intense



In rubber or leather - also narrow and flexible.- severe .75" x 12"


Silver Tongues
Elegant mini-whips in braid, tress or knotted codline set in silver handle. - moderate/severe 12-15" overall

$30.- 40.


Half Crop-half Slapper -- all satisfying! Narrow, 2 layers of leather. Black only. 16" overall


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