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The Alley Cats

    This is a time-tested design for a simple, attractive, economical punishment Cat that gets the job done. It is light, fast and well balanced. Tresses are extremely flexible, thicker than usual, of black bullhide, which flies well and hits with authority. The tresses are woven to the handle with a colored band of nylon in your choice of color.

   Choose the 9-tail version for stand-up back flogging or the shorter 7-tail model for working in close.

The Big Bopper

   This is an impressive instrument calling for a powerful arm to wield it and an equally powerful resolution to stand in front of it.
    The style is like the Alley Cats. The length is a full four feet overall. The tresses are nine straps of harness leather nearly 3/16” thick. These are woven to an 18” long lead-weighted Strap & Cord handle, using nylon paracord in your choice of colors. Turk’s head knots and a full wrist strap complete the features.

    Our usual practice is to round the tress straps slightly,  “breaking the sharp edge.”and reducing the cutting effect. The ends of the tress are usually square cut, but you can order them rounded, pointed or cut at an angle.

    For play or for display, the Big Bopper is an impressive creation.

7 tails   24” long
 9 tails   27” long 
9 tails   48” long
Cats II