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Black Beauty

    Our exclusive design: heavy bullhide leather outer tresses provide the sting, while cushioned by a slightly shorter inner bundle of softer suede so that the Black Beauty can be used by -- and on -- ordinary mortals.

(Be sure to let us know if you want the inner and outer tress ends to be cut to equal lengths.)

    Choose color accent for the Strap and Cord-style handle and for the inner tresses. The handle can be weighted for balance. Deer hide inner tress is available.

A customer found it to be heavier than expected but:
  "... I decided to keep the Black Beauty anyway, as it is quite a work of art. G"

Lotta Bull

   Another beauty, suitable for the heavier player.

   Both the inner and outer tresses are of Bullhide. The tresses are usually all cut the same length. An accent color can be added to the handle. Tresses are Black. Comes with a hanging bale and/or a wrist strap.

Having tried it out, a customer told us:
"The Lotta Bull flogger ... is going to be alot of fun to play with and the balance is great!  I just want to let you two know that it is absolutely purrrfect. The colours are my sub's favorites and I wanted to get something to honor her. She'll love to see it and receive it, if you know what I mean. DN"

Beauty - Moderate
27" long
Lotta Bull - Moderate-Severe
29" long