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We know that in today's climate, some of our customers feel you need more assured
security while entering your order. No problem.

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To Make Your Visit More Secure:

   On our Welcome page, go to the Navigation Bar at the top of the screen and add an "s" to http://, making it into "https://" You will see a pop-up that questions your action. Continue and then click OK.  You will then be able to place your order with assurance.


Call us here at the office: (631) 842-1711, after 10am ET, M-F and have a real live person take your order and answer your questions.

   When your order arrives here, we print out and then remove e-mail or online orders from harm's way. After the order is filled, it is filed in a secure cabinet at an undisclosed location.  If any official nosybody wants to pursue a "Pervert Pogrom," they will need a separate search warrant for the location to see anything with your name on it. ('nuff said?)

   The whole “Secure Socket Server” issue deals with the possibility of someone intercepting credit card numbers while they are "in-transit." This may have been a concern, albeit a remote one, when the web was only carrying a few million messages a day.

   However, at today’s astronomical traffic volumes, the odds that any one transaction will be located and intercepted in transit are incalculably small compared to the risk taken by the would-be thief.  They seem to be going after the "big fish" like banks and credit card companies. Not little fry like us. In any event, the consumer’s maximum “exposure” in the event a credit card number is stolen, is limited by law to $50.00.

   There is now a new requirement enacted by the major credit card companies. We have had the necessary inspections of our system and the ISP that hosts our site, and we have been found to be "in compliance." This assures that we are not vulnerable to hacking.

   If you are still uneasy about online ordering, you can send your order in two email messages: one containing what you want and where you want it sent, plus half the credit card number. The second message mentions the order, and contains the second half of the number, the expiry date and that little 3-digit number on the back. We will reassemble the parts by hand when they arrive here. You can also tell us the brand of credit card in the email and then put an "X" in place of the first digit. (Each provider, Visa, MasterCard and Discover have their own unique first digit.)

   Remember, if you prefer, you can place the order by telephone.  We enjoy getting to know our clients and their needs and preferences. A sure way to get your questions answered before you order.

   We do our best every day to assure your safety and your satisfaction. So, relax, order, and enjoy.

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