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The Multi-Finger Taws (or Tawes)


   Our customer wanted a taws broader than usual, more paddle-like than like a strap.
    He sent a sketch and from it came a new item: the Five-Finger Taws, with four cuts instead of the more usual one.

   *Now redesigned with a longer handle for better control and darker in color ... both in handle and blades. Your choice of our regular leather or the new premium full-grain limber "skirting" ... heavier and more limber.

   Is bigger better? You decide.


   Once again, a customer asked for something special ... we made it -- and we have added it to our catalog, because it turned out to be a great idea!

   The extra inch of width does make a difference in spreading the sensation. The extra "finger" mitigates the sting. And the wider handle is comfortable in the hand.   Try it ... you both will like it!

   Also see our 2-Finger Taweses in 3 lengths and styles.

Moderate              5" x 17" long
Moderate  3" x 18" long