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The Strapsicles

    With a length of cowhide on a turned wood handle, The Strapsicle is as accurate as it is powerful. It has no sensual “low end,” though. It flies through the air and strikes with eye-crossing authority. Rounded and polished edges and corners prevent cutting and are standard features. Lengths can be tailored to your preference. (Average is about a 10" handle and 20" strap.) Add a hole pattern for quicker action. As a new option, you now have the choice of limber harness leather or firm sole bend leather, at the same price.

    Choose regular or the new Wide Strapsicle, almost twice the width.

This is what our customers had to say:

   "... the Strapsicle... was so very beautiful and well made. We finally got to try it the other day, and my Dom was so very pleased with it. And I am too! It had very nice weight and balance to it. It is his new favorite toy. ... He enjoys it so much. There was a lot of noise, but only the end really had any sting to it. It did create a very nice thrumming vibration for myself though. ... I just know it is going to last us for years. You guys made a great effort with the personal attention and I had a great experience ordering from you. Anything else we need we will certainly be ordering from you again! Thank you very much! A"

   " ... especially the Strapsicle; (it) has already become one of my most prized implements. Thank you for always a wonderful purchasing experience and quality items.P"

   "Finally got around to trying the Strapsicle out today. Wow, it lives up to its reputation. I am sitting on a very sore bottom as I type this note. I was begging for mercy in no time, but she applied it vigorously until she was satisfied that I got what she thought I deserved. G"

   "I ordered a Strapsicle that is about 36" long and (custom) made of the same stiff, heavy leather as your Canadian strap. When I first saw the strap I thought it would be the least severe and perhaps serve as a final warm-up before the Canadian Prison Strap or Great Bear. I was wrong. Very wrong!
    "There is absolutely no thud in this strap at all. At least, if there is, I could not notice it over the agonizingly intense sting that each stroke produced. Very, very easy to use it seems to invite the punisher to hit harder and harder. That's exactly what happened.
    "The last half a dozen strokes were delivered with a two-step "run-in" yet the accuracy was easy to maintain. And even though the edges are carefully rounded the strap landed with such speed that each of these final strokes left raised weals outlining the end of the strap. This strap is what I have been searching for. It is as perfect as I can imagine. Thank you.

 Narrow - Severe 1" x 32" long    
 Wide -     Severe     1.75" x 32" long