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White Lightnin'

    This flexible, soft-density polyethylene shaft is not to be underestimated! It looks non- threatening but is like a peach switch that never dries out! Really nasty -- especially when used on the bare calves. Plain-wrapped handle in choice of colors with black end caps. Also available in hard density, which paradoxically would be less "nasty."

   The larger version, in both length and diameter is known as the:    White Thunderbolt

A "receiver" told us: "That White Lightnin' is wicked.... I have had it used a few times on my bare bottom and it leaves marks for weeks and the sting and burn is the worst of any switch I've encountered. Good product for sure. I'm surprised in my web search I didn't come across more information on it.... much worse than any other switch or cane i've encountered in terms of welts and sting. Anon."

22- 24 x 1/4  
More severe 
30- 36" x 3/8"