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The Thudbeast

   This is the largest flogger in our collection. A full yard long overall, and so full and heavy that, for some, it might take two hands to handle this whupper. Choose moose or deer and it will feel like you're being hit with a pillow. Bullhide will give you a more serious whuppin'!

   You can opt for all one kind of leather, or mix and match with inner and outer tresses. Keeping the outer and more severe tresses longer than those inside, will make this flogger a lot more "authoritative." It comes with your choice of Signature, Strap and Cord, or Basket Weave handle (shown).


    We created a modified version of the Thudbeast on request of a long-time customer ... slightly smaller and with a shorter, stubbier handle to fit her smaller hand.

   Now it is available to you with the same design options for the 7" x 1.25" handle as for the full-sized Beast. (Basket weave is shown)  Choose your favorite leather as well ... from deer to bullhide -- and suede of course.

   If this is still too much flogger for you to handle, see our Gobo, Bambi's Fat Friend, in deerhide as an alternative.

'Beastie Moderate 24" overall
Thudbeast Moderate - Severe 36" overall