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Slick Slim

   Narrow, fast, and mean ... and renamed the “Oh Shit!” by a customer who tried it on his submissive -- and then bought it! This heavy neoprene strap (approximately 1/4" thick,) is astonishingly formidable. It makes blue bruises and leaves red welts.

  You have been warned!

Here's what one of our customers had to say:

   "I would just like you to know I got my Slick Slim – Sharp Edges and my friend was quite satisfied with the results. It does cause bleeding when used with enough force. He will be sore for sometime and he thanked me several times.
    I thank you now and I may be looking for other pleasures later like a cane that will scar. He hopes the slim will leave a few scars. I think it will. T

The Notso

   Not so Slim, not so Slick -- and not so punishing, this is a "regular" width neoprene strap similar to our Bears. The main difference is the simpler handle, making it more flexible and slappy. The shaping makes it easier to hold and wield.
   So choose the one that is right for you ... either one at the same price!  And now both are on sale!

Slick Slim - Severe
1.0 x 22”
Reg. $85.
Now only $75.
NotSo - Moderate 2.5 x 18"
Reg. $85.
Now only $75.