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Bambi’s Revenge

    This versatile flogger has a slim bundle of deer hide in our Signature handle. Choose regular (3/8") width tress for more thud -- narrow (1/4") tresses for more "sting." Either width can be gentle and sensual as well. It's all in the wrist.

      There is a wide variety of colors for both handle and tresses. Make your choices when you "Buy It."

The Leather Lord

    This is our standard Signature flogger. It has a 7/8” diameter tress bundle of 3/8" tresses in a French-whipped handle with nylon Turk's-Head knots. Choose leather, moose hide, or suede in colors or Black, with matching or contrasting one- or two-tone handle and color-coordinated knots.

In Deer it's known as Bambi's Revenge.
In neoprene Rubber it's the Black Cat.
In nylon, it's simply The Lord.

Long-time customers recently said:
    "OMG! I have to have Bambi's Revenge. Sounds great. Keep up the great work. You have already added quality to my sessions.(has Gobo). Will check out your site again and save my money for Bambi. Love Your work.M"

     "I have a picture of the Moosetta and revenge of Bambi in my (profile) pictures. We absolutely love both of those floggers. Amazing. H"

    "I have a few floggers from different sources but that one (Bambi) has been the favorite of both the friend I get to see most now, and my old girlfriend before.
(His Bambi is over 10 years old!) No lie! PdL"      

27” long  $125. 
Leather Lord
Moderate 27” long  $125.