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 Libertitty Bells

   More suction, gentler sensation and -- more to SEE!

   We searched a long time for a suction nipple toy that was easy to use, and pleasant to look at; was large enough to be worn by people over pierced nipples with inserted jewelry. They needed to provide enough suction to support weights or attach a leash, and also be able to engorge and sensitize the nipples.(Click to See How)

    In the end we had to have them manufactured to our own specifications. This was the result. The Libertitty Bells are made of transparent flexible vinyl with an ice-blue tint.  More than 2 wide at the base, they can accommodate the largest areola and are tall enough to encompass most piercing jewelry. Carefully applied over hairless skin, the suction will support a straight pull on their metal rings.

  Plain - Gentle
2.2 dia.  $20./pr M020  
  with Rings     
2.2" dia. $25./ pr M021