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Fist Floggers

     With almost twice the weight of leather we put into our “Basics” floggers, these handle-free floggers offer both simplicity and economy as well as a wide choice of leathers and colors.

    The Large (20”) size is a fully functional back and butt flogger -- not a toy or a novelty. We suggest moose or bull hide for the best “throw” and plenty of thump.

   The Medium (15") is literally in the middle ... both in length and size of bundle. A bushy warm-up flogger, it is extremely well suited to “in bed” and “over the knee” work. We recommend suede for effectiveness in this size.

    The Small (10”) size, we sometimes call the Bust Duster, although it will brush off other sensitive parts, especially when made of deer.

   Keep in mind that all our specs are guidelines, and not graven in stone -- so length is not absolute. Call or write if you want any of them "your way."

   Small 10” long   
14” long   
20” long    
Floggers II