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Great Bear

   The Great Bear was designed to be the most powerful behavior modification implement possible -- the use of which would not constitute a violation of "international arms control treaties"! Because of its length, it must be swung at a speed that precludes its being used in anything like a sensual or restrained manner. It does very little damage considering the pain it causes.
    Normally the edges of the strap are rounded to almost eliminate most marking. Left square or "sharp," they will make welts and lines commensurate with the ordeal that has been endured. Impervious to body oils, lubes and cleaners, the Bears can be disinfected with alcohol, bleach or "Betadine™" surgical scrub.

Here's what one of our customers said about it:  
I ordered 'The Great Bear' a few months ago and was very pleasantly surprised by the workmanship. After a run of bad experiences with merchants who wouldn't know "quality craftmanship" if it bit them (or flogged them), it was nice to get something that actually holds up and does what it's supposed to do (in this case, inflict great pain on my backside.)T"

Another told us:
    "The next strap I ordered was the Great Bear. Now this one really hurts! If it is used too lightly/slowly, the rubber strap tends to move about and not make square contact with the buttocks. So I soon discovered that this strap was only ever going to be used at full force, when it makes perfectly square, agonizing contact with the buttocks. Its width sets the whole ass on fire with the intensity of a dragon cane. It is a beautiful Strap that can only be used at full intensity. P"

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Little Bear

      What a difference a few inches can make! The Little Bear can actually be swung slowly, exploiting rubber's unique sting and fire to create a powerful sensual experience that is "hot" in more ways than one. Used with increasing force, the effect proceeds from "interesting" to "agonizing" with little strain on the Top.
   If you own no other rubber implements, this is the one to buy! This neoprene rubber strap also is impervious to body oils, lubes, cleaners and disinfectants.

One of our customers wrote us to say:  
    I got the Little Bear. WOW! That little devil is wicked! Swung lightly, it slaps with authority and stings like hell. Anything more than that is intensely painful and leaves the marks to prove it. Master likes it a lot, but promised to save it only for when His boy was in need of the most serious discipline. Your products are nothing short of amazing. B

 Little Bear
Severe 2.5" x 14-16 long   $95.
 Great Bear      Savage 2.5" x 20-22 long  $125.