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Our Crop

   Our Crops are designed for people, not ponies!

   The shaft is just a bit longer and the flapper is a good deal wider and and stiffer than is found on the general run of riding crops. Extra wide flappers, in leather or neoprene rubber, in Fiddle, Half-fiddle and Rectangle shapes, give the desired sensations without becoming too floppy. Also, the wrist strap has been moved from the front of the grip to the back, where it is more useful for a person standing on two feet, rather than riding atop four. Soft black nylon braid covers the shaft, with a Signature handle-styled two-tone grip.
    Essentially Our Crop is a very small "paddle-on-a-stick which can be used to deliver a good smack when it is called for ...  or it can be used in the same way as a riding crop ... as a non-verbal communication device in the hand of the Dominant -- employing gentle tapping and pointing.

   We now also offer a Custom version in each of our styles and in choice of leather color -- Russet, Burgundy or Dark Brown. You can also specify the length, from 23-27" tip to tip.

Happy customers have written to say:
    "What a wonderful crop! Thank you so much ... Your product puts others to shame :-) D2H"

    " ...the gentleman ... I spoke with was friendly, helpful and knew the questions I wasn't sure to ask. ... the process was professional and straightforward. It also resulted in the discrete (sic) delivery of a spectacular Crop. ... I have to say that we are really loving our Crop and very much appreciate your help in selecting ... and craftsmanship.F"

 Standard  Moderate 27” long
 Custom  Moderate 23 - 27” long

A bit more about riding crops:

    An equestrian Crop is essentially a stick with a bit of leather at the end to keep the rider from accidentally poking the mount with the sharp end. Its purpose is to signal the horse where to put its feet.This is because well-schooled saddle horses are large, powerful and sensitive animals which do not respond all that well to being struck. Sometimes they “bolt,” sometimes they ignore the Crop until they’re hit hard enough to make them rear, buck ... or run away. After there have been enough whackings with the signal stick, a steed may become sulky or rebellious and need the attention of a “horse whisperer” to repair its training.

   Horses that need a little motivation are managed with a “Bat,” a short stick with a flapper or padded end that, except for its length, can be mistaken for a Crop -- or with a Quirt, which is a whip of a different story entirely!