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Hairbrush Paddle

   The size and shape are the familiar Victorian Hairbrush design -- without the bristles! The material is thick hard, smooth leather over a Delrin™ core with just a little "flex" in the handle section. Total thickness is nearly a half-inch for the small one and a full 3/4" for the large Hairbrush.

   This is a remarkably successful design, with plenty of weight and plenty of "hot sting."  The smaller size is just right to fit the "sweet spot" or deal with one cheek at a time. The larger size has power to spare, and works exceptionally well for self-gratification.

   Available in Russet, Burgundy or Black leathers.

Here's what happy clients have had to say about it:

 "I have always had great service from your company
and your Hairbrush Paddle and Loopy Johnny I recommend to everyone as essential must have items."

   "Just received the small Hairbrush Paddle ... and it is VERY nice! After only about 20 medium smacks, my bare bottom ... was almost fire engine red, but with a nice warm feeling to it ... not brutal by any means, just slightly more stingy than the bare hand feels on a virgin bottom, but with much quicker results.  Just what we were looking for, very good results without a hurting hand. We love it! Great product, nicely hand crafted." D

   "We came across the Hairbrush Paddle at a party in Vegas. Some friends had it. At first blush, we thought it was wood. What a surprise when we saw it was leather! Great spring in it and it's beautiful." C

Small - Moderate

4" x 10" 



Large - Severe

5" x 12" 



 Makes a great gift!