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Big Foot

   This is, essentially a boot sole-on-a-stick. This wide thick, stiff leather paddle on a turned-wood handle is a fast and effective fanny warmer that "paints the barn red" with speed and efficiency.  Surprisingly, it is less severe than its narrower cousin, the Little Foot. On the ordering page, you will have a choice of color and thickness (light, medium or thuddy) for the blade.

      The uncommon boot sole leather that is standard for this item was chosen so that you can retain control during warm-up, tapping or hittling lightly, until you are ready to turn up the heat.  However, if hard-driving is your style, ask us about a more flexible leather to substitute for the sole bend.

   A happy customer writes to tell us:
"I bought a BigFoot paddle from you ... and it has been the most admired implement in my toy bag, it always gets all the attention! Glad to be a repeat customer now. M"

The Little Foot

    This is a narrower version of the Big Foot. Paradoxically, the smaller size makes for a much sharper effect -- although over a smaller area.

     Here too, you have leather color options. The heaviest boot-sole is "thuddy" while the light and medium weights are more forgiving. Or, ask us about substituting a more flexible leather to make it more "strappy."
    We also have other flexible leather items that might also do the job if hard-driving is what you intend.

Big Foot
Moderate 18" long overall $55.
Little Foot
18" long overall