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Canes and Rods

A selection of fine rattans as well as several "space age" plastics. Click on underlined text to see more information and ordering. Click on photo for larger view, and use your "Back" button to return here.

Featured Item:

We finally found it! A "cane that will draw blood" ... reliably. Actually it's a Steel Rod and it is for heavy, experienced players.

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Rattan Canes
Rattan Canes
do break. To find out How and Why, click here.
Dragon Canes
The quest is ended ... the waiting is over -- the Dragons are here! You can have yours now! Modern, SchoolMaster or Plain - In 27 - 38" lengths.
Singapore Sticks
This is the real thing -- the fabled rattan used for judicial punishment in Singapore. For very serious players. Also with Modern handle. 12-14mm diameter, over 4' long

DeLuxe Cane   

A unique process makes this rattan cane Very Special! w/clear scabbard. - severe 33-38" -


Schoolmaster Cane
Plain Cane


Traditional classroom terror. Real imported rattan. Also in dozens.- severe - 27 to 38"
- Straight ... same effect.


$15. all lengths
Modern Cane

Thick nylon-wrapped handle for comfort grip. Wide choice of colors- severe 27" to 38"  

$35.- $40.
Wood, Nylon & Rattan Rods & Birches
Faux Birches
A bundle of thin rattan canes in one handle - 2 sizes- moderate - 24-36" long overall
Black Rods

More mass than a rattan -& more serious. Choice of handle and size. - severe 24"-36" long

$45.- $75.

White Rod

Same nylon in white with white poly. handle. - severe 27" long


Polyethylene Canes, Rods & Birches

New!-Braided polyethylene rod in comfortable handles - moderate 18"
$40.- $45.
The Fingers

Two or three flexible rods. Wrapped handle. - severe 24" long overall

$50.- $55.
Little Birch

Eighteen 1/8” rods. Wrapped handle.severe 24” long


Mini Birch &
Mini Birch II


Choose stinging rods or sensual - now in choice of White or Black rods. 18" long. Or make it a "Zebra"- half & half.



Narrow, flexible rod, like a baton. Can sting! In Black Delrin®- 15" moderate



The largest and most severe of the Birches. A bundle of 1/8” diameter flexible rods in a Signature handle.- extreme 36" long

White Lightnin’ & Thunderbolt
A single "Finger." Simulates a “peach switch.” Whippy and nasty. - severe 22” long The Thunderbolt is longer and heavier extreme 30"
$45.- $55.

The Unusual

Steel Rod
NEW! For the serious player -- a real steel rod that can draw blood. 25" long
Bottom Brush
A bundle of thin reed-rods make a serious plaything. Now with nylon-wrapped handle. imported 24" long.
Sade's Sweeper
The kind of broom used by the Divine Marquis himself. Made of real USA broomstraw. 28" long
Carcass Beater
A single loop of polyethylene makes this an easy and effective beater. 18" or 24" long overall
NEW! A solid length of half-inch rubber makes this an effective & serious beater. 16, 18 or 20" long
Our version of the riot gear used by a former South African regime.- choice of sizes- 26-32" long - serious

Breaking Canes is nothing New:

Whips and Whip Making
By W.G. Ashford, Birmingham England 1893

    "The breaking of hollies is a constant source of annoyance, more so perhaps to the manufacturer who only gets grumbled at than to the saddler who can charge for the repair. An unsound stick may occasionally escape detection, but the amount of trying that the sticks get during dressing and thronging is so considerable that very few rotten or weak sticks can get passed, the only defect that is likely to get missed is what is called an "open knot" that is one going very deep into the wood and such may occasionally overlooked, as the whip may be smacked in every direc-tion but one and stand it all right, but if smacked in that one direction, the knot may open, and the stick will break.

   "It is really astonishing how often, according to the user's account, the stick broke "the first time I smacked it." It will be found more often than not, when holly sticks are brought back broken, that the end of the thong is squeezed and grease-marked, shewing that it has been caught round the wheel or axle; or that the thong is scored and marked where it is quilled up, shewing that it has been against the top of the coach-house door or into some low hanging boughs in a lane, rather than that there was any real fault in the stick itself. We know that the saddler very frequently dare not point out such factors, but he may remind a customer that the top of a holly whip is not as thick as a lead pencil, and consequently, although it will stand fair, it will not stand rough, usage."

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