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Basic Floggers

   All business and no frills. We offer a variety of our tresses, from the softest deerskin to "Ohmygod" rubber, in your choice of Basic Black vinyl handle styles. This enables you to experiment with several different textures and/or colors without breaking the toy budget.

    They are ideal for those just starting out as well, because they are shorter, and therefore easier to control than the regular models in our "Signature" collection of decorative handles. The tress quality is the same as in the more costly versions.

Note: Measurements are all "tip-to-tip" overall.

This is what a customer recently said:
 "My wife and I are both very impressed with the quality of your (Basic) floggers. They are very easy to operate and the results are stunning.Y"

And another told us:
   "The (Super Basic) flogger arrived yesterday and I have to say it is *so* nice. I'm new at all this, but it feels like it has great balance, and the workmanship looks great, and the feel of the deerskin is wonderful. And all this from what I realize is one of your "economy" models. I know my sub is going to be in heaven when I use it ...    You'll be getting future orders from me for sure. CB"

Basics are usually available in the following colors and materials:

Deer-Sensual: Black, Brown, Red, Blue, Purple   
Brown or Black

Suede-Moderate: Black, Red, Blue, Green, Purple
Leather-Moderate: Black or Colors  

Rubber-Serious:   Black - Flat or Round
  Regular Basic
17 long
3/8" tress 
  Super Basic
18 long
3/8" tress
  Mini Basic
12 long  
1/4" tress
  Skinni Basic 
17 long
1/4" tress
New or Unusual
Floggers II