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   This is a modern leather interpretation of a Roman instrument of punishment.* The long, turned wood handle facilitates self-flagellation and provides extraordinary power when flogging a partner.


   Standard design is black or brown, round, "rope-like" tails, 3/16" wide, in fairly stiff harness leather. - Note the new knot and the "furniture finish" on the handle.

* We’re not exactly sure what material the ancient Romans used, but since leather was an expensive luxury for them, these instruments of flagellation were most likely made of knotted hemp or flax cords.
   (Paradoxically, in the Roman maritime trade, the heavy  “cordage” was often made of oiled leather, although Greek and Egyptian sailors used twisted fiber ropes, much like the ones we use today
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The Martinet

   Brought to our catalog by "popular demand," this more manageable version of the Flagellarium is modeled on the French Domestic Martinet, an instrument originally intended to beat dried mud out of military wool jackets! It was put into use on the home front to beat the tar out of civilian delinquents. Now, of course, in order to be beaten, one has to "ask nicely."


 A happy purchaser told us:   
    "The item arrived in good condition. It came much sooner than expected, and the grip feels great. Thanks again for the quality product. The Martinet was extremely steady and easy to handle.Z"


The Signature Martinet

   A customer liked the tresses of the Martinet, but preferred our Signature handle to the wood version.

   So ... as is our custom, he had his way with us. And, now you can too. The usual color options are available, and this version is also a bit longer than the original.


Click here for information of the Care and Feeding of the Flagellarium and the Martinet.

Please note: For customers who have wanted the handle style and look of these two implements -- but not the severity -- we also offer this softer interpretation at the same prices. Your choice of color(s) and textures -- in cowhide, deerhide or suede. To order, call or email, please.

A customer wrote to tell us:
   "The Martinet arrived ..., & I'm very much adoring this one also! You can hear how effective it is, even before the sting registers, just from the swishing sound that even a median-swipe will produce. Delightful! -L."

And later:
   "I received the Martinet late last week. It really is an awesome thing of beauty! Thank you for your always excellent work. J"

Severe 33" long overall
Signature Martinet Moderate 36" long overall
42" long overall
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