Satisfaction Guaranteed
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Your satisfaction is guaranteed: If within 14 days of receiving your order, you decide, for whatever reason, that you do not want it, or you want something else instead, we will make the exchange or refund your item's purchase price -- just so long as you can return the goods in clean, unused condition.

(Of course you can "try it on" and take a few swings against a clothed person or a sofa pillow to see if you like what you bought -- but, we cannot restock a ragged item showing obvious use or misuse!)

Our quality is guaranteed for one year: If “something breaks” in that time, (excepting the effects of normal wear and tear, or as the result of actual misuse) we will repair or replace the item ... or we may opt to refund your purchase price.

Rattan Canes
are the single exception to this arrangement. Canes do break! We will replace a broken cane, once during the year. The first time a Cane fails we can assume the fault lies with our material ... the second time, we need to think about corrections in caning technique or using an unbreakable material.

Refunds are of the purchase price only, not shipping & handling.

And a reminder ... do not hit hard services at any time. That's why Sofa Pillows exist.

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