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Flying Linguini and the Wet Noodles               

    The Linguini is long, fast, sting-y and sharp! This is no bunch of "Wet Noodles"! With a little bit of crack in the wrist, the whip action can be downright nasty! Narrow, 1/4" cut Black bullhide on a Victorian-style turned handle. Also available in suede or garment leather.
     Shown with optional Turk's Head knot. (add $20.00)


   But ... choose deerskin in Black or colors and you do have The Wet Noodles ... sensual, but with a little bit of sting and as long as the Linguini, in our turned wood handle.

Turk's Head knot may be added for  $20.00



Both are now in our Furniture Finish handles.

 Flying Linguini Moderate 30" long $70. K001
 Wet Noodles (Deer) Moderate 30" long $75. K005