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   Eight thin, round tresses surround the one longer center tress -- which gives this sting-y Black Rubber Cat its name. This “stinger” tress creates a second point of contact at each stroke, which, as often as not, is a “wrap” -- a stroke that wraps around the body in a “crack the whip” fashion, increasing the power of the impact. With the idea that owners will trim the center tress to suit their own styles, we put a bit more length in this tress than, strictly speaking, may be called for. The handle is our French-whipped Signature handle with Turk's Head knots in your choice of colors.

   A long-term client of ours asked for a slightly different version of the Scorpion, with heavier but fewer tresses. We inadvertently made two of them, and the second one sold so quickly on our Bargain page, that we decided to make it a regular option for all our customers.

   Also see our “Basic” Floggers (F001) for a simpler, shorter version. Some longer-term customers may remember it as "The Hydra."


   A recent purchaser said of the 9-tail version:
"... it's easily the most extreme flogger I've ever used. (My partner) doesn't mark especially easily despite her very pale skin, but this one will leave behind souvenirs, I can guarantee! It's guaranteed to bruise if used with any kind of authority, and it might very well rival the Cane for intensity of sensation.
    Ten lashes with the Scorpion would likely leave behind as many (or more) marks as a caning, small tiny biting welts. If I was on the receiving end, I honestly believe I'd fear this more than the Cane as the Cane's far easier for a Dom to control -- the thin round neoprene tresses have little wind resistance, making this a fast biting Cat o' Nine Tails.M"

   Severe 9 tresses, 26” long $125.     K060
5 tresses, 26" long $115. K062