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Straps, Slappers and Tawes

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Featured Item:
New - The Swatters. Is it a Slapper? Is it a Crop?
All we know is that they're fun.


BigFoot &
Little Foot


Wide and narrow leather blade. Now in our "furniture finish" turned wood handle.- 18” long overall. moderate

$50.- $55.

The Brothers

Li'l Bro is a favorite.  Razor strop style in 3 sizes. 2 tip-styles - moderate-severe  14"18" & 22”

$50.- $85.

Canadian Straps
 S110 - S111

From a photo of a Canadian Prison Strap- We saw it - we made it! - Extreme - 30" long  We also make the Probation Strap at 24"long


Double Straps

Thick limber leather strap,doubled over. Loud! - moderate 16" & 22”

$95. - $115.

& Monitor

Narrow punishment strap with contrasting handle overlay. - moderate 22” & gentle 14” long

$55. - $75.


Part strap, part paddle. Easy to control because of our unique inner layer - moderate  16" & 22”

$95. - $125.


Slender or wider strap on turned wood handle. Also with holes - severe   32"

$85. - $95.

Mega Strap

New! By popular demand, the Tawes handle style on a single, very large strap. severe - 30" long


In 2 sizes - built-up handle, one layer of sole bend leather for the blade. 18 - 24" long Choice of colors - moderate
New for Spring - Soft flappers on a long handle make this ideal for gentle action and small spaces. Large is 25" long, Little is 15"
$20 - $35



Unusual. Part crop, part slapper. - sensual Now -18” long - & it does make a difference!


Traditional Slapper

Special value.-USA-made, 2-layer stitched. moderate  20” long. , in Natural tan, Russet, Burgundy, Brown, or Black.


Slipper Slapper

Two layers of fine harness leather, colors, gentle  12” long


Hip Strap

Improved - Handy & effective. Double layer laced on an unusual brass ring. moderate 1.25" x 16 - 20"


Sensual Slapsticks

Two layers of stiff leather, open ended. -   moderate  16", 18" & 22”

$95.- $125.
Tawses (or Taweses)

Scotland Tawses

Several versions to suit all levels of experience - moderate-severe.  16"& 24"


Viper Tongues

Two pointy taws-style straps in 3 sizes -- each in a leather handle in new Gladius shape. - severe 16"- 22” long

$95. - $115.

5-Finger Taws   S034

Now redesigned with longer handle. Is bigger better? This one is 5" across! - moderate -  18" overall

3-Finger Taws   S033
NEW! Half-way between the Scotland Tawes and the 5-Finger in width, moderate - 18" long

Rubber Straps

Pain Scraper

NEW! Just 10 full inches, that's a lot! And, 1/2 inch thick. Nasty OTK rubber strap that has been characterized as "brutal." Also comes with holes ... if you dare!

Razor Strops
Inspired by a client who preferred no handle but lotsa flex. Choice of lengths. 18"- 30"

Slick Slim

Narrow and nasty! - Renamed the "oh, shit!" by visitors at a show ... who bought it! severe   22” long

The NotSo
Not so slick, not so slim, but very satisfying in a different way. Same overlay handle design. 18" overall

Great Bear &
Little Bear

Two sizes - 1 extra heavy punishment strap. - extreme  22” long; 1 with sensual possibilities, but still quite serious - 14” long

$95.- $125.

*Also see the Special Straps in our Bargains and Clearance section*

About Straps and their care

   Use of the Strap has been one of the most common forms of domestic discipline of children ... the woodshed ... the taws (or tawes) ... “daddy’s big belt.” and all that. On the other hand, it has been one of the most feared punishments in prison discipline. Less well known is the fact that captives of the “Peculiar Institution” (slavery) in the American South, were “driven” with whips, but formal punishment, especially in the commercial “whipping sheds,” was more often accomplished with a strap. It was believed to be more painful but less likely to disable or do lasting damage.

   Our Straps draw on a mixture of all these traditions, using appropriate leathers which serve the particular mystique for each. The paddle-like straps are made of stiff  “boot sole” leather. The more flexible straps are made of harness leather. Unless instructed otherwise, we round, dye and polish all strap edges. This not only provides a more finished appearance ... it also prevents welting and cutting caused by the square edge of a new strap. 

  We have an unusual collection of straps, tawses (taweses?) and slappers. Some are narrower than others, some have two layers of leather -- some one. The two-layer slappers are not as harsh as a single-layer strap. having the two layers slapping against one another mitigates the force somewhat. And, our new four-layer import is truly in a class by itself!

Strap Leathers

Oak Tanned

    The term “Oak Tanned” often refers to any strap leather, and to thinner leathers intended to be molded, embossed or carved. Real oak bark and oak leaf was commonly used to tan American and English leathers until about 10 years ago. This gave the leather a distinctive, extremely appealing aroma when damp. More recently, odorless eucalyptus tanning teas have almost completely replaced the oak in making these leathers.

   Oak or vegetable tanned leather is harder to care for than “chrome tanned.” It picks up scratches, scuffs and dents far more easily, and if dyed, the color does not penetrate as deeply as with chrome tans. Veg tan will dry out, even when protected from direct sun and dry heat, and therefore, should be treated with wax polish or oil-based leather dressing every six months or so to prevent cracking. When soiled it can be cleaned with “saddle soap” or an oily “wood soap,” after which it should be treated with oil or wax dressing to prevent drying. It is far better to clean and dress leather gently and often, rather than wait until dirt and dryness demand heroic (and usually unsatisfactory)  measures.

    There is a great deal of individual opinion as to which particular leather dressing formula is best. It’s worth noticing that saddle soap, which is somewhat caustic, is probably one of the worst things people can put on their leather -- yet many use saddle soap as a belt or saddle dressing, year after year with no apparent ill effect.

Sole Bend

    The official punishment straps of the Canadian Prison System were made of sole leather. (See our New Canadian Strap, above..) This leather is interesting for BDSM toys' craft workers in that it is extremely stiff, dense and abrasion resistant compared to other leathers, making it very suitable for building easy to control paddles, and paddle-like straps and tawses. The Georgia Prison Strap was also made of this kind of leather and was designed to be used from horse-back.

     It is a very traditional veg-tanned leather designed primarily to be the part of the shoe, boot or sandal that rubs against the ground. In footwear, its greatest virtue is the way it can be molded and the way it fits itself  to the compound curves of the foot during wear. Oils and glues used in manufacturing this strap leather are what keep water out, and bind the leather fibers together in rough use.

    Its major drawback is that it does scuff. This is irrelevant to the shoemaker. To wielders of BDSM toys, however, it means that sole bend straps or tawses need to be used with a slapping or chopping stroke -- with little or no “follow through” past the plane of the point of impact. 

    Sole bend straps or tawses also require a bit more care and maintenance. They should be moisturized, oiled, and polished frequently ...depending on climate -- as often as every month or two. A cleaning with saddle soap and water provides plenty of moisture. A dab of petroleum jelly can be rubbed into each side to lubricate the fibers and maintain the skin’s flexibility.

Leather Care

A customer asked the following:

   "What daily or routine care is required to maintain the beautiful leather striking implements I have purchased from you?
    " Do they require some sort of polishing, or treatment? It would be very cool if there were some regular maintenance I could employ as a ritual of service. Thanks, DMM

Adam replied, pointing out that our leather needs very little maintenance to keep it looking mellow, but:

   "If you want a ritual of service, the following will certainly build a rich patina and afford you hours of mindful concentration.

   "First, the leather must be cleaned with soap and water. Of course you must not let the water soak into the leather, but you must achieve some lathering. The traditional substance is "saddle soap," but this is actually a harsh yellow lye soap and leather is, when you come down to it, skin. Therefore I suggest a pH neutral glycerine soap from the skin care department of the drug store.

   "After cleaning, any oils and waxes removed by the soap must be replaced. Lexol™ leather conditioner is available from most good shoe repair stores, and of course from Tandy Leather shops. Moisten a clean soft cloth with the Lexol™ and apply a very very thin film with a circular motion. When dry to the touch, repeat.

   "After conditioning, the leather is ready for polish. Fiebing's Leather Balm, with Atom Wax™ is the best product I have found for the purpose. It is a hard carnuba wax in a water suspension. It moisterizes as it polishes. Any place that sells Lexol™ usually sells Balm™. You apply it with a clean cloth, then buff with a bristle brush, followed by clean soft cloth, followed by a lamb's wool buff. Buffing hard paste waxes requires speed and pressure at first. Balm does not. Many light strokes do the job best. Take care that the leather is well supported on a soft, non-scratching surface when you buff. A sheet of heavy saddle skirting leather is ideal, but a clean towel on a firm table will do.

   "Then ... if you want to achieve a (temporary) "parade ground" polish ... one or two drops of pure unscented mineral oil on a cotton pad can be lightly rubbed on the surface to bring up the sheen."


   Then, of course, there is rubber! As you might have read in the Cats section, rubber has a quality of its own ... it leaves a "memory" after each stroke -- and the effect is cumulative! It's also very flexible and takes some practice to be accurate and well-controlled. We have learned from our customers that you either love it or you hate it! There's little middle ground. Our Rubber Straps are made of neoprene for easy care and long wear and come in various lengths, thicknesses and designs.

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