The Aristo-Cats and Floggers

All these models can be had in Shades of Grey at no extra cost.

The Duchess

    With a thick thumpy bundle of looped nylon tress in your choice of colors; and with our Signature handle in colors or black, this is a good bedroom or over-the-knee flogger.
    This is the one to order for the Shades of Grey Flogger.

   It can also be made vegan-friendly if you tell us.

   Definitely a lady's home companion.

A customer wrote to tell us:
   "I received the (vegan Duchess) the other day. It looks lovely, and I'm sure will be a great toy for me to use with the new sub I'm training. Wonderful craftsmanship. I can't wait to take it for a B"

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The Grand Duke

     Long and heavy, it can caress, pat, or deliver ponderous thumps with a thick bundle of nylon loops set in a Signature handle. Like all our nylon floggers, it is long-lasting and can be disinfected by hand-washing with soap and warm water.

    Ask for it (or any of the Aristo-Cats) in Vegan specifications -- zero animal content inside or out. 

The Lady

     Slim and elegant, this is the very first design marketed by Adam and Gillian.

    The original version came with white tresses only and the tress bundle was wound around the legs of an upturned end table.(!!) Since then we have learned to dye nylon and have made a number of invisible engineering changes to improve The Lady ... and all our Aristo-Cats as well.

     The Lady is particularly well-suited to intimate sensual flogging. It looks almost toy-like, but can be surprisingly authoritative -- especially if the tress ends are dipped in water ... or something more pungent, such as vodka, or liniment.

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The Lord

    Lean, light  and fast, this nylon flogger with a long narrow bundle of looped, fine cord tresses delivers sharp stinging blows with astonishing accuracy and authority. Like all our nylon floggers it can be hand-washed and disinfected and can be made without the use of animal products of any kind on request.

   All the Aristo-Cats can be had in a variety of colors, including Shades of Grey, for both the tresses and the Signature Handle.



18-20 long

$ 95.


Grand Duke


24-27" long



The Lady


18" long 

$ 85.


The Lord    


27" long