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Gorean Slave Whip              

     Inspired by the alternate universe of John Norman’s Gor novels, this is a handy tool for formal training sessions and ad hoc punishments.

   The thongs are rounded carved leather, roughly 3/16” in diameter ... thin enough to sting and cut -- thick and heavy enough for the lesson to really sink in. Continued use and conditioning with oil-based leather dressing (petroleum jelly, well rubbed in, is very suitable) makes the thongs more and more vicious.                    W030

    Now also available in round neoprene rubber -- for serious rubber-lovers!!

 Happy customers have written to say:
"Of all the whips ever seen, this is my favourite, simple, elegant, effective. I am ordering (3) as gifts.W"

   "The Gorean arrived yesterday! ... Let me just say that this piece is awesome! A small amount of experimentation has already proven that! R"


Jailer's Cat

   This is also part of the Prison Cat family; it is here because of its shorter length. Suitable for the smaller hand, this six-tress tarred codline cat should not be underestimated.

   It is very fast ... and cutting. It will make stripes and the whipped ends could draw blood. It is for serious players.


Gorean   Severe 32” long 
Jailer's   Severe 36" long