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 Leather Floggers     Other Materials   

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Featured Item:
A timely gift ... our unusual Hame Ball flogger with choice of tresses. In Brass or Chrome..

Leather Floggers


Elegant. Unusual brass & glass Victorian handle. Choice of finish - intensity varies with leather choice. 24"-27" long overall


Hame Balls

Different. Practical & stylish. Brass or chrome plated handle.- intensity varies with leather 27" long

$95.- $105.

Unique two-leather design with Strap & Cord handle. Outer tresses are bullhide; inner tresses suede.- moderate 27"long
   And --
the Lotta Bull -- all the tresses are bullhide. Black is standard

$155.- $185.
Bullwinkle & Moosetta

A & G's Favorites - The MooseHide floggers! Basket-weave, long, weighted handle in Tobacco Tan. Plush texture. - moderate  - 28" and 32"

$220.- $240.

Gobo -
Bambi’s Fat Friend

Short, thick and thumpy deerhide flogger. Black or colors. Signature handle standard. - very gentle 18" long
Vegan? See our Fat Albert, below.


Bambi’s Revenge & the Leather Lord
  F060- F090

Soft, narrow deerhide flogger. Black or colors. In cowhide or suede it's the Leather Lord.- gentle to moderate 27" long.


The Thudbeast  &
  F124 & F125

The largest "superflogger" in our collection now has a new sidekick- intensity varies- 22" or 27" while the Beast remains at 36" long overall. All are thuddy.

$225. -$375.

Other Flogger Materials
The Aristo-Cats
The Duchess

The Grand Duke
The Lady
The  Lord
Looped Nylon tresses with Signature handles. From small and slender to heavy and thuddy. gentle-moderate 21”-27" long (The Duchess, aka Shades of Gray, pictured.)

Fat Albert

Thick and thumpy, like Gobo. Favored by women. Black was standard. Now available in colors too.- sensual 18”-20" long.
The Tribble
Ours Alone! Unique design. Looks serious ... feels wonderful!Black tresses, choice of handle color - sensual 27” long
"Black Cat"
Signature handle.(Wrapped handle with ball chain shown) Flat, black neoprene rubber tresses --punishment flogger. - severe  27” long
"Flying Horses"

Fine horsehair in a variety of lengths -- in wood or our Signature handle. - - moderate. Lengths may vary. Also, --imported economy "starter" whisks.

$40. - $205.
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