Mitch -- aka “Adam Selene”

Gerrie -- aka “Gillian Boardman”

About Adam and Gillian
How it Started

    Longtime practitioners of consensual erotic BDSM, Adam and Gillian have been providing a wide variety of "implements of affection" from their Long Island Workshop, since 1987.

   When they began to play in New York City’s public venues in the mid ‘80s,  they soon found that … in BDSM, as in golf --  “you can't play with just one club.” As a matter of economy, they began to design and build their own toys. As they filled their toybag with whips and paddles for all seasons, and to suit the preferences and tolerances of a variety of play partners, they were repeatedly asked, "Could you make one for me, too?"

   These early sales paid for the cost of club visits and the cost of materials --  but more importantly, they put Adam and Gillian directly in touch with a wide spectrum of play styles and equipment needs. As a result, they enlarged their scope and their line of products, developing several unique and unusual designs that people could not find anywhere else. Eventually they would  put together a mail order catalog, and also begin selling to a select number of boutiques.

Design Philosophy

   Aesthetically, their designs, with few exceptions, lean toward a classic and rather traditional set of styles -- the domestic and judicial punishment implements of the 18th and 19th centuries. This is especially apparent in their straps and paddles. However, underlying the retro look lies a great deal of development and innovation. Adam and Gillian were among the earliest pioneers in using leather in colors other than Black, as well as “exotic” materials such as deer and moose hide, nylon & neoprene rubber. They were among the first to manufacture high quality rattan “schoolmaster” style canes on a regular basis in the US. More recently they brought the mythical Dragon Canes to the American market.

   Their design philosophy is to first devise a way of producing a desired sensation and intensity -- then to engineer it to sell for a reasonable price, without compromising the quality of workmanship or materials.

   All of Adam and Gillian’s products have been “feel tested” … on each other –- or on people capable of enjoying their more severe creations. Most designs have also been tested for long-term durability and overall practicality by placing them with professional Dominatrices, where years of home use are simulated in a matter of weeks! As a result, Adam and Gillian’s toys are built to last a lifetime of “ordinary” use. It's been said that their implements are so durable, the only replacement items they have made were because of fire, theft ... or divorce.

On the Internet

   Soon after they met in 1984, Adam and Gillian became pioneers on the information superhighway as operators of The Utopian Network--  a computer bulletin board system -- one of the first “BBSs” recognized in the FidoNet  (Node 107/269 followed by 107/169) as devoted solely to sexual interests and alternative lifestyles.

   When they learned of the possibilities of the Internet as a commercial venue, they saw an opportunity to reach BDSMers across the country and around the world via their computers. In 1995, still the era of self-operated servers and expensive hardware, they put their paper catalog online at and have become known as one of the premier providers of high quality BDSM gear online and worldwide! This URL followed as soon as it was feasible for them to design and run a commercial site on their own.

The SandMUtopian Guardian

    In 1995 they bought The Guardian, believing it was a valuable resource that should not be allowed to just "die" as the then publishers were about to let happen. As publishers, they returned the magazine to regular quarterly publication, emphasizing its original mission to be the, “factual, practical, pansexual and pro-feminist journal of record for the BDSM/leather scene” … a kinky cross between "Popular Mechanics" and "The Nation" … with no fiction, poetry or eye candy. Since 1995 there have been radical changes in the publishing industry as well as the growth of e-zines and blogs, which have not only undercut the commercial viability of niche-market magazines … but have absorbed much of the “content” formerly published in hardcopy. By the end of 2000, having “said most of what they had to say, ”and having published 21 issues successfully as Gerrie Blum and Mitch Kessler, Adam and Gillian put The Guardian on hiatus. All the back issues remain available and can be ordered here.

Personal Biographies Credits and Credentials

    Gerrie Blum (Gillian) and Mitch Kessler (Adam) both have long histories as activists and community workers: he as a phone peer counselor; she as a lobbyist who campaigned successfully against corporal punishment in the schools and for the decriminalization of marijuana in New York State. In community activities, they were founding officers of the Metro New York Chapter of the National Leather Association, the NY Area Bisexual Network and the Bisexual Pride Discussion Group. Gerrie was also a member of the National Council of the NLA for a time and served on the Chapter Concerns Committee. They have been called to be guest speakers and presenters at a number of conventions and conferences. Their NLA chapter began the informal get-togethers that later became "munches" and Gerrie has been dubbed "the mother of the munch" in some parts of the country.

    Their television appearances include HBO's "Real Sex" (#6); "Inside Edition," "A  Current Affair," "Evening Magazine," and both the "Joan Rivers," and "Geraldo" shows. Gerrie also had a featured role in the independent film, "Girlquake." Mitch's first career was as an actor (Equity), stage manager (SSD&C) and non-union technician. Gerrie had her own radio interview show on a suburban station, worked on the staff of a weekly newspaper, and appeared in community theater productions.

Awards and Citations

    In 1992, Adam and Gillian's Sensual Whips and Toys was Nominated for Business of the Year, and Adam for Businessman of the Year at the Pantheon of Leather in Los Angeles. In 1997 Gerrie was nominated for Businesss Person of the Year. Their magazine, TheSandMUtopian Guardian, was nominated in 1999. In 2013 they were awarded a plaque naming them among the "Best of Copiague."

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