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The Tribble

   There's no "trouble" with this Tribble! Adam and Gillian designed The Tribble to use in their live performances in the Belle de Jour S/M Theater.
    The idea was to create a stage prop that would look, fly and sound like a full-sized punishment instrument -- but would not distract the performers from their scripted acting assignments. Silky Black nylon tress was tied onto twisted loops of 1/8” diameter cord ... and it worked very well. Your choice of color combination for the Signature handle.

    The Tribble
got its name from the calming effect that stroking its soft tresses was observed to have on a particularly ill-tempered, sourpuss of a Dominatrix colleague.

    According to Star Trek: “Tribbles like everyone ... and everyone likes Tribbles -- Klingons excepted!”  So, unless you have a Klingon's requirement for more intense sensation -- you will too! 

   Gentle 27” long