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St. Christopher 

  This unique tarred nylon codline design was inspired by the Cat used in the US Whale fleet of the mid-19th century. With their small crews of seasoned profes- sionals, whaleships rarely used flogging with the frequency or formality found on warships of the time.    When flogging was resorted to, the Mates who administered the punishment wanted the miscreant returned to duty as quickly as possible, holding as little resentment as possible.
    Accordingly, their cats were made from heavy twines rather than unraveled ropes. Handles were often purely utilitarian “sticks” of the whale bone that served as the all-purpose utility "lumber" aboard ship. However, elaborate carvings in whale ivory and handles made of springy “baleen” were also known. This suggests that some of the Mates took a fetishistic interest in their disciplinary proceedings. 

   The St. Christopher was conceived as striking a balance between the austerely utilitarian and the elaborately decorative. The long slender handle is French-Whipped with the same tarred codline as the tresses. A short round-braided section emerges from the handle and subdivides into smaller braids, then to individual knotted strands. (The overall length and/or the length of the segments can be adjusted to meet your needs for play space, etc.)

    Leatherman and Whipmaster Guy Baldwin called this, "The nastiest whip in the world."  It always leaves marks and often breaks skin. Used very carefully and skillfully, it can produce a sensual stinging sensation that verges on “pleasant.” 

42” long    
Cats II