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Double Straps

    A well worn belt doubled over in the fist, is a time-honored instrument for the correction of all mental and moral defects, or just for having a good time. However, most men donít have the girth to wear a belt long enough to really get the job done.

   Our Double Straps are made of fine oak-tanned leather that grows more supple and mellow with use. The handle is formed over an unbreakable Delrin™ plate to provide a firm grip and plenty of leverage. Choose Small (S012) for bedroom or OTK use; Large (S010) when you have the room to swing freely. They are each available in your choice of color and handle style. New this year, a mid-sized version (S011) ... more serious than the small one, but adapted to smaller play spaces than the big one needs.

   For a less intense feeling, and more sound, see our Straddles -- half strap/half paddle.

A couple just told us:
    "I wanted to write and say how pleased we are with our new toy. (The Double Strap.) Very high quality product that I'm sure will give us many years of fun. Thanks agan, M&A"

Small Moderate 2.5 x 16" $95. S012   
Mid-Sized NEW! - Moderate 2.5 x 19" $105.   S011
Large Severe 2.5 x 22" $115.   S010