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Generic Feline

      Here is a full-featured flogger at an affordable price. The tresses are the same premium leathers, rubber or horsehair that we use in our other floggers. The full-sized nylon Wrapped handle has style, grip and balance like floggers costing much, much more. There is even a brass ring or nylon bale to hang the Generic Feline from a toy rack or a belt clip. 

   Shown here in Suede with optional Ball-Chain in handle wrap instead of narrow nylon.

"I am blown away by the (Generic Feline) flogger from the last order. It is such a pleasure to use, it lands where directed, has just the right weight, and wraps and conforms with accuracy. To say i'm happy with it, would be an understatement!! Thank you for all your wonderful products and excellent service.

A Matched Pair

   Based on “Nunchucku” martial arts techniques, the two-handed flogging style, also known as the "Florentine," is becoming all the rage. It allows a very rapid flurry of strokes to be maintained over a longer  period of time -- and looks really cool in public play. It also calls for a closely matched pair of floggers.

    Our Matched Pair of Felines fills the bill and even saves a few dollars over buying “almost identical” floggers at different times. The tresses are of the same premium leathers that we use in our other floggers.

Note: Bullhide comes in Black; Moosehide in Black & Brown; Deer, Cowhide & Suede in several colors.

Generic Feline - Moderate 24” long overall $95.  F095
                        w/ Ball Chain in handle     $105.  F096
Matched Pair - Moderate  each 26" long overall $170. F097
Floggers II