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Our sincere thanks and all good wishes to our customers - past, present and prospective.
We welcome your orders here on our site, or by sending email to:
You can also usually reach us by phone, M-F after 10 am ET at: (631) 842-1711*
*We don't use voicemail or recorders. If we are not in, please call again when a
real live person is available to help you.

Bargains Galore
Novelties, whips & straps, oh my!
Updated Feb..4, 2017

What's New?
Adam's Grabbers -- now with screw adjustment! With or without teeth. Your choice. Adam endorses them ... enthusiastically!

Vegan Selections
Tit-Elaters, Floggers, Cats, Paddles, and toy-ture devices.

Imports & oursSingle-Tail Whips
'Roo & Cowhide Signal Whips. Plus a unique range of Tarred Codline Whips
, Cats & Colts by Adam.

Canes & RodsDragon, kooboo and plastics
The mythical Dragon Cane, kooboo rattan and the Panther Tail. Plus space-age nylon & plastics.

Exclusive styles Straps,Slappers,Tawss
From Li'l Bro' to the Canadian
Prison Strap & the new Pain Scraper ... models for all levels of severity.
PaddlesAdd fleece or bunny fur
All leather paddles.
No "innersprings." Round or
Square shapes, holey -- or not.
SMore severe than floggersCats o' Tails
In Leather, Rubber, Hemp, Nylon or Tarred Codline. They're gr-r-reat!
Leathers, suede,deer moose or nylon Floggers
Unusual handles, leathers & colors,
the Hame-Ball, the ClawBall & our Signature Handle.
 Nipple Toys The Suckerfish, Libertitty Bells, Cupping sets, original Nipple Cuffs
Home to: Libertitty Bells, Gillian's Grippers & our unique Suckerfish.
Some of our most popular items, all in one place. Impulse purchases too.
Imports and oursCrops & Quirts
See our 1- & 2-tone braided imports,
+"Our Crop" custom-made for you!
Geni-toy-ture Adam's Grabbers too
See our unique Beverly's Crushers™ for men & Labia Lifter™ for women.

New or Unusual
A catchall for items that are new, or just may not belong anywhere else. It's full of surprises.
Free Reading Room 
of The SandMUtopian Guardian
A sampling of articles, still timely.
Greeting Cards!
Cartoons from our Guardian files
on blank cards with envelopes.

Enclose with a gift at no charge.
Alphabetical List  
of our Products
The SandMUtopian Guardian Magazine  A Journal of BDSM Realities Back issues #18- 39 are all available - timeless, factual, useful. And, we have Binders in which to put them.
Concerned about Security?

Please note: Rates from the USPS have gone up. We still charge you what they charge us.

What to expect here at Adam and Gillian's
Adam & Gillian's Biographies

   Our site is organized in a very practical way. It is designed specifically for people who are looking for BDSM toys ... and not for "entertainment." We have tried to make it easy and fun to find just the whip, paddle, flogger or cat you are looking for. And to make suggestions if you are not sure what it is that you want.
    Each category above will take you to an "index" of BDSM toys which are listed by name. Some of our BDSM toys have become very well known, (for example, the Loopy Johnny).  For others, there is a description in the index along with the size, the severity and the price. Using these guidelines, you can then click on the flogger, whip, cane, strap or paddle and go to a specific page, with more information, a color photo of the BDSM toy and the opportunity to "Buy It." Moreover, many of the indexes have links to articles such as Flogger Features and Details, Strap Design and Differences, How to Administer a Proper Caning and other helpful information.

    In addition to the category-specific indexes, there are three other areas that we hope you will explore: New or Unusual, which contains the latest creations from our workshop; the Vegan area where we highlight the items that are specially made without using leather or other animal products; and our increasingly popular Bargains and Clearance sections, where you will find a changing assortment of BDSM toys that may have minor cosmetic flaws, have been returned by a customer because it "didn't fit," or because we have too many on hand and want to sell them more quickly.

   Also on this site, you will find information about our magazine, The SandMUtopian Guardian and the Free Reading Room of articles that have appeared in the magazine from 1995-2000. We suspended hardcopy publication at the end of 2000, but all our back issues are still available. For anyone interested in BDSM toys and topics, these issues are a treasure-trove of timeless practical, factual, useful information! Browse the indexes and find articles about Floggers and Flogging, Canes and Caning, Paddles and Straps, Nipple Suckers, Nipple Clamps and Clips ... and a host of other topics. You can buy any individual issue, or look for the special price on the entire "Utopian Library." And we have binders to store them in.

Welcome to our world.  What can we make for you?   

 And now a few words from our customers ...
(They're all real.  We can't make these things up!)  

From across the country and around the world:

     "I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know that we have received the implements! They are simply amazing. Thank you again for the wonderful customer service and answering all my questions! We will leave a review for you after our vacation! Thank you again for ... the beautiful custom work done, on the crop especially! We look forward to ordering more in the future. Completely Satisfied, L"

   “Thank you for making the absolute finest floggers, quirts and crops. Quality of workmanship is the best ever found. Since I purchase a new set for every new submissive, hope to continue to keep you busy for a long time. S

   "I have and will continue to spoil my submissives by using only your custom made products. Not only am I particular in using only the best, but I have a new set prepared for each new submissive. In fact, I cater my selection based on the level of pain tolerance exhibited or their self declared statement as to their preference, i.e., a total masochist. It is for the latter one that I have ordered the Horsehair Flogger. The last one I used it on quickly reached her threshold of pain when I used it. DrK "

    " I have been very happy with my purchases. Quality stuff and so much fun! Yes I have still visited you. Just had most of what I needed for the time being, but ready to start buying again. I haven't bought much from anywhere else.M"

  "You make the best tools! Of all the companies that deal in our lifestyle, yours have proven to be wonderfully unique and special, (as well as effective!). My thanks to you for offering such tools. We value our collection from you and look forward to building it further.G"

   "I went to a bunch of sites before ordering from you, as I'm sure many people do, and I hope they get how great the whole experience was. We're always looking for quality, so I look forward to ordering more too (of course). :)A"

 "The Cane arrived today ... You’ve outdone yourselves and we can’t thank you enough. I wish every company were as attentive to its customers requests as yours is. Kudos! D"

   "Thank you for making the absolute finest floggers, quirts and crops. Quality of workmanship is the best ever found. Since I purchase a new set for every new submissive, hope to continue to keep you busy for a long time.S"

   "Thank you so much, arrived really quickly, just in time before we went away on holiday, wonderful equipment, (Loopy Johnny, the Shortbok, Cuban Quirt and a Traditional Crop) Thank you again, will pass the word around.T"

     "I just stumbled upon your website via a Google search for "leather paddle" and decided to put an order in (he ordered a Black Pocket Paddle) when I read how you evolve some of your products based on input from customers, as well as reading the description of the little extras you do in the craftsmanship like full core and rounded edges.T"

   "It was an absolute treat to get a personalized reply as opposed to an an automated, "we got your order". K"

   "Always a pleasure to do business with you.R"

   "Wonderful stuff, and you have been very pleasant to deal with! R"

   "Once again you have delivered a high quality product! Our Loopy Johnny is now one of our favorite toys. Thanks again, and looking forward to future purchases! M&A"

   "Just wanted to let you know that everything has arrived and I'm very happy with the quality of your products! J"

   "We still very much enjoy the use of our Double Strap for punishment, however (she) has decided that a new punishment tool was needed and the one we ordered (Loopy Johnny) was to her specs. We look forward to its arrival and we look forward to future purchases. Mc"

   "Good Afternoon; Thank you for such delightful items. :) Wishing you a wonderful holiday. P"

   "You guys rock-- seriously. This is what the internet is missing these days (I am sure you have heard this before). It really makes a difference. You are also in my "good" book. M"

   "Nice to hear from you again ... and looking forward to the new toys (Small Hairbrush Paddle & Small THE Paddle) - always great stuff at good prices from you guys - please keep it up :-) Regards, F"

   "I have over the years given your fine implements as presents -- and they are still in good use, from what I am told. I can say that I have received and delivered from your fine toys and so know the effect, pleasure, and artistry. A decade of discipline -- amazing and fun. N"

   "... I received the items in time for Christmas and am very pleased with them both. Seeing the pout on (her) face upon finding them in her stocking was worth the price alone: she was definitely on Santa's naughty list. The SchoolMistress strap has taken its place as our new favourite implement and the threat, or application, of the Twister quickly turns my "brat" into an angel. Many thanks ,D"

   "So glad that I came across your website - your descriptions were super helpful and you have a great selection. I'm sure that I'll be adding to our collection this spring. Looking forward to my new toys! I can't wait to play with them! We've never used a Cane before and I've heard great things about the Loopy Johnny. We are looking for things that are on the quieter side and heard that these are good bets. RK"

   "Just wanted to let you know that it is apparent from your website and your emails that you guys care about your products and customers. Nice to come across. I am sure many come to the same conclusion about you guys but I thought it was worthy of reminding you just the same. Cheers, K&L"

    "Hi guys. It's been a while since we got the (Old Time Navy Cat) toy. My girl is enjoying it alot, (and me too); she is developing the technique ... I am happily submitting! M"

   "I'm writing to get an order in under the wire for your Anniversary celebration, and to wish you well on that anniversary - I've been a customer since the early 1990's! M"

   "Thanks for being a great BDSM toy maker for what amounts to 1/2 of my life! If you folks ever decide to retire, please give some warning, as there are always one or two more items I'm hoping to purchase, a Thudbeast will be my next order!M"

An order bought as a wedding present for friends:
Everything has arrived and the items were a huge hit... ;-) Seriously they love them. The Crop is beautiful. I laid my hands on the one that I sent as a gift and could not resist. Now I want one. The (Hame Ball) flogger and the heavy (Singapore) cane... are also works of art. The workmanship on everything we ordered is really excellent. Thanks to both of you for making my friends really happy. C"   
(His Our Crop order appeared on our site the same day!)

   "Our order arrived today and I cannot tell you how happy we are with the "goodies" you sent (canes, clips & Hairbrush Paddle) -- all we can say is "WOW". We will be placing another order very shortly so any recommendations you have would be appreciated. He likes severe - i like moderate so some of each would be great...thanks again. N"

   "Many, many thanks to Sir Adam who took my order and answered my questions with consummate professionalism and keen customer service. A"

   "I picked up the package at the post office just about an hour ago and I am very pleased with the items and the quality. I can and will recommend you to my friends in the scene. R"

   "Thank you for you fast response and excellent service. We appreciate ... your high quality products. So, I am definitely looking forward to 'getting mine'! DB"

   "WOW!!! ... I gotta tell you, it was that HBO special on Real Sex back in the 90's that got me shopping with you and it's been your awsome service that's kept me coming back ... thanks a lot...SS "

   "Your service has been great and rivals the quality of your products. I have personally "enjoyed" the brisk application of several of them (Big Brother, L'il Birch, canes etc.) to my posterior. I think White Thunder(bolt) commands the most respect. Boy does it sting. GT"

  "You get an A+ in customer service! If all goes well (and it will) I will be ordering from you again and also tell my friends about you! A"

   "Thanks; y'all are great. BTW, we pretty much love everything we've ever bought from you. The quality of your products is head and shoulders above the rest. J"

     "Just wanted to let you know that (we) are enjoying the Cane and Paddle immensely. The cane is my personal favorite! ;) (He) loves the handle. Says it has the perfect swishing movement. Anyway, we've told a few people about you guys - hoping it will send some business your way - including a friend from Atlanta. I'm sure he will be ordering soon. S"

    "Gillian, I'm glad to give a testimonial to your excellent merchandise and friendly and quick service. J"

   "I am very impressed with your communication, customer service and quality. Of all the companies which produce high quality toys, you guys are the best that I have found, including communication and efficiency of transaction from purchase to door. C"

   "I received my Flogger yesterday in great shape and very prompt delivery. Thank U and when I see a something I'm unable to live w/o in my toy bag U'll be the first place I will Look. T"

   "Thanks again for such great service. I will be happy to return to your site for all of my flogging and spanking needs ;-) BA"

   "I look forward to receiving the Signal Whip & Alley Cat.Your instruments are always so perfect and beautiful works of art!S"

   "You make toys of unequaled quality, so I'm happy to shop with you! Doc"

   "Again, thank you so much for your personal service -- it is awesome! You have helped me in the past and totally led me in the right direction with my order -- and that is appreciated by customers -- as you well know. I look forward to receiving my order. Thank you for maintaining such a high quality company! S/K"

   "It's always good to say thanks when someone has done something good for you, like providing you with quality merchandise. You have a very unique product line, into the development of which you have obviously put a lot of time and thought, so as a consumer of such merchandise I am grateful for that. By comparison, your competitors are definitely 'behind the curve'! J"

When asked how our toys were doing, one customer said:

    "O yes they are behaving very well. Quality is very important to me ... you are the best out there! Your implements are always my favorites and the favorites of my subs. Although some do complain about the severity of your products I use! W

From Brazil:    
     "I thank you [for] all the attention paid by you during the process of shipping the product. I want to register my satisfaction with the quality of it and express my happiness with the seriousness with which you handled the purchase. Thank you. Regards, R"

This from Australia:
   " I received my order..., which was sooner than I expected. Everything was very well-packaged too. And best of all, the quality and the workmanship is even better looking at the actual articles, than it is from looking at the pictures on your website. I'm thrilled to bits obviously! Thanks also for your emails and general customer service. And I'm very keen to buy more stuff from you (as soon as I can afford it, that is!) Thanks again for everything. Regards, MB"

   And he did: when placing his latest order, he also said: "PS: A couple of years ago, I ordered 4 items from you (Navy Cat, Codline Colt, Slick Slim, Great Bear) and had fantastic service. You even saw fit to put a comment of mine on your home page. I guess that experience last time is a large part of the reason I'm ordering this time. Of course I'm thrilled with the quality of the products too... :) MB"

Another liked our prompt delivery:
   "I couldn't believe it but the package from you was delivered ... today around 10 a.m. That's beyond first rate customer service - there's no way it could have gotten here sooner. But best of all, the craftsmanship is outstanding. You truly are an artisan. It was a pleasure doing business w/ you. M"

A customer who likes our personal touch:
   "Your internet site is really fabulous!  It's very user-friendly, clear, and concise. ... your personal touch is obvious throughout your descriptions and informational sections. That's so unusual and such a refreshing change in this day and age. Thank you. D"

Another likes our environment:
It is nice to find ... quality craftsmanship, & a tasteful site. Most sites offering intimate items tend to be very explicit in both text and illustations ... not a comfortable environment. It is refreshing to find clear illustrations of the items themselves with informative rather than provocative text. El"

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