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       We don't use voicemail or recorders.
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Greeting Cards!
Cartoons & illustrations from our Guardian
files on blank cards.

Enclose with a gift & your message, at no charge.

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A unique range of Tarred Codline Whips that are "masterpieces" of the craft.
All leather paddles. No "innersprings." Round or Square shapes, holey -- or not.
Single Tail Whips
A unique range of leather & Tarred Codline Whips that are "masterpieces" of the craft.
All leather paddles. No "innersprings." Round or Square shapes, Holey -- or not.

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From Little Bro' to the Canadian
Our Dragon Rattan Cane is world-famous. Plain and SchoolMaster too, See our Space-age plastics.
From Little Bro' to the Canadians -- different strokers for different folks.
Canes & Rods
Our Dragon Rattan Modern Cane -- Plain and SchoolMaster too. Also Space-age plastics.

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Unusual handles, leathers and colors. Vegan.
Cats made of leather, rubber, hemp, nylon and Tarred Codline. They're gr-r-reat!
Unusual handles, materials & colors. Vegan versions too. Hard or Sensual.
Cats o' Tails
Cats made of leather, rubber, hemp, nylon or Tarred Codline. They're gr-r-reat!
Gillian's Grippers, Libertitty Bells, & our unique Suckerfish™.
Quirts or Leather.Crops and Bats too.
Toyture Devices
Grippers & Grabbers, Libertitty Bells & our unique Suckerfish, plus other wonders.
Crops & Quirts
Quirts, Leather Crops and Bats too. Try our Cuban Quirt.
New or Unusual
Items that you won't find everywhere.
And they won't break the budget.
Some of our most popular items, all in
one place. Impulse purchases too.
Vegan Selections
Tit-Elaters, Quirts, Floggers, Cats, Paddles,
and Toyture devices
Greeting Cards!
Cartoons & illustrations from our Guardian
files on blank cards.

Enclose with a gift & your message, at no charge.
Free Reading Room 
The SandMUtopian Guardian Magazine   
A Journal of BDSM Realities
Back issues #18- 39 filled with factual information.


What to expect here at Adam and Gillian's

   Our site is organized in a very practical way. It is designed specifically for people who are looking for BDSM toys, and not for "entertainment." We have tried to make it easy and fun to find just the "implement of affection" you are looking for. And to make suggestions if you are not sure what it is that you want.

    Each category above will take you to an "index" of BDSM toys which are listed by name. Some of our BDSM toys have become very well known, (for example, the Loopy Johnny). For others, there is a description in the index along with the size, the severity and the price. Using these guidelines, you can then click on the flogger, whip, cane, strap or paddle and go to a specific page, with more information, a color photo of the BDSM toy and the opportunity to "Buy It." Moreover, many of the indexes have links to articles such as flogger features and details, strap and design and differences, how to administer a proper caning and other helpful information.

    In addition to the category-specific indexes, there are three other areas that we hope you will explore: New or Unusual, which contains the latest creations from our workshop; the Vegan area where we highlight the items that are specially made without using leather or other animal products; and our increasingly popular Clearance and Bargains sections, where you will find a changing assortment of BDSM toys that may have minor cosmetic flaws, have been returned by a customer because it "didn't fit," or because we have too many on hand and want to sell them more quickly.

   Also on this site, you will find information about our magazine, the SandMUtopian Guardian and the Free Reading Room of articles that have appeared in the magazine from 1995-2000. We suspended hardcopy publication at the end of 2000, but all our back issues are still available. For anyone interested in BDSM toys and topics, these issues are a treasure-trove of practical, factual, useful information! Browse the indexes and find articles about floggers and flogging, canes and caning, paddles and straps, nipple suckers, nipple clamps and clips, and a host of other topics. You can buy any individual issue, or look for the special price on the entire "Utopian Library."
Welcome to our world.  And, remember, if you don't see what you want, ask for it!

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