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   These new additions are a variation on the Birches theme.
    They are both made of polyethylene rod, braided for more mass and more accuracy in use.

    The major difference between them is the handle. One is our plain black plastic handle, similar to the ones on our Mini-Birches. They are essentially the same length, although Clearly Twisted appears clearly to be a bit longer in the photo at right.

One of our customers just told us:
 " "... I received the items in time for Christmas and am very pleased ... Seeing the pout on (her) face upon finding them in her stocking was worth the price alone: she was definitely on Santa's naughty list. The ... threat, or application, of the 'braided switch' (as we call the Twister) quickly turns my brat into an angel. Many thanks, D"

Blackly Twisted   
Moderate    16 long

Clearly Twisted

Moderate 16 long