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Cowboy Quirts
   These leather quirts are made for us in Mexico, the home of the vaquero style of braiding in the Spanish Tradition. We have them in two sizes and two styles to accommodate various uses and environments


Leather - Braided Handle - Large
    Finely braided Mexican quirts currently in Red & Black or Tan & Black . Because of customer comments, we have adjusted the length of the braid to 18" including the handle. The quirt ends remail at 12" in heavy, hard leather. Softer Black Bullhide can be substituted.
    Colors vary. Please ask
.                               E020

Leather - Junior
    Hand-braided in Mexico of long-wearing latigo leather, these "pony accelerators" sure mean business! Six-plait braiding over a hard handle core with new sleeker styling. Colors vary. Now in all natural Tan.    

30" overall
Junior Moderate-Severe
22" overall
Reg. $25.