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Custom Floggers

  We have designed these floggers for sensuality. "Heavy" refers to their poundage, not their severity. A flogger with an ultra-thick bundle of soft tresses, such as deerskin or moosehide will give plenty of thump, hardly any sting and will not irritate even the most sensitive skin. Denser leathers and suedes will add a measure of "bite" and increase skin sensation, without the "sharpness," and marking, associated with cats and narrow floggers.

    The best way to order a custom flogger is to discuss the design with us on the phone. But, if you prefer to order by email you will need to specify the the handle style and colors, the color you want for the Turk's Head knots, the tress material you want along with length overall and number of tresses ... and any special features such as handle weighting or tress width. We will reply with a price quote.

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   Prices range from $200. to as much as $395. depending on handle design and type and amount of leather chosen. Increasing the thickness of the tress bundle decreases sting, while increasing the length of the handle, the tress bundle or both increases the total impact force. Also see the Leather Lord, Black Beauty and our new Thudbeast as ready-made alternatives.

    We think of an "average" or "standard" flogger as being 27" long overall, with a 9" Signature handle and 1" diameter tress bundle (approx 36 "tails" in deerskin or 20 tails in bullhide,) costing $250.
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