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Sole Bend

   Made of 1/4" thick boot sole leather, set in your choice of shaped handle, this wide, stiff paddler is designed to make an impression and built to last.

   See your choices of handle shapes here.        P032

   The generously thick handle with rounded edges provides a comfortable grip for long powerful sessions without hand cramps. The blade’s rounded edges reduce marking and skin damage. It is also available with square edges if you want to make marks and draw blood.

** New this year, a wider version of the Small Sole Bend (4" wide, instead of 3") and it can be seen by clicking here.

   The interesting and unusual thing about the Sole Bend is that its flexibility is both paddle-like and strap-like in its effect. Hence, we list it in the Paddles section as well as on the Straps page.

Shown with optional Hole Pattern- P030

Standard colors: Russet blade with Burgundy handle ...  but you can have it your way.

Double Sole Bend   
    This item was recently made as a special order for a customer and has become part of our collection. There are two layers of leather, laminated with your choice of shaped handle and rounded or square end.

   Heavier but still flexible, it has a finished surface on both sides, instead of just one. Same handle options.


A customer recently told us:
"I want to thank you for ... get(ting) the (Large with Gladius Handle) Paddle to me. I will be employing it this Weekend. It's got good balance and I can tell that it was made with care. I'll let you know how it lands on her bottom. J"



3 x 18”





3 x 24”





3 x 22"