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 Bull Woodie

   This is essentially what was sold as a "domestic martinet," during the 19th Century. A generous bundle of 16 heavy Bullhide tresses is mounted in a turned wood handle in our furniture finish. It gives lots of thud with just a little bite. It sits on the boundary between Flogger and Cat -- you can just about count the tresses but they behave as a bundle. So you will fijd it listed in both sections.

   Although its original purpose was beating dust and dry mud off wool garments, it is a capable and versatile implement to use on bare skin as well. We now offer it in three lengths ... your choice.

   Also see The Martinet -- a more serious version.

A customer wrote recently to say:
   "Four or five years ago I bought the Bull Woodie from your website. A bullhide flogger with a wooden handle that I immediately fell in love with when I opened the package. ... this remains one of my favorite toys to play with, and I have not found anything similar that is as satisfying. Thanks again for such a lovely piece.L

26, 30" & 33" long   $65.-$75. K010  
Floggers II
Cats II