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Flying Horses


   Horsehair is an interesting material for floggers.

   Used with self-control and discretion it is gentle and sensual. Laid on with a will, it can actually draw blood from invisible micro-cuts, which usually heal in a matter of hours.

We use a special, much-washed and highly conditioned grade of horsehair favored by decorative “hair hitchers.” And -- we put about a quarter-pound of horsehair into each one!            

   Whether short and bushy (F099-above) or long and sleek, (F100- at left) they are both at the same price in Black.

    Shades of Brown or Palomino Blonde are also available at extra cost.

The king-sized flogger is the Flying Clydesdale, with almost a half pound of fine hitching horsehair! It's long and bushy with a lot of thud.

   Shown in Palomino Blonde.  Shades of Brown, and Black are also options. All come in our improved "furniture-finish" handle.

A happy customer wrote:
   "Thank you for the Palomino Flogger (and) to let you know I'm absolutely in love with it. It handles beautifully! I'm fairly certain I'll be ordering one or two more of these, in addition to some of the single-tail whips on your site.T"


   Our Flying Horses and Clydesdales are also
available in our Signature Handle. Standard combination is Black horsehair with Brown and Black handle and Black knots. Other handle colors available at no extra charge. Palomino blonde is available at extra cost. Choose long and sting-y, or shorter and bushy.

   The difference between the Horse and the Clydesdale is in the amount of horsehair used for each. Like the animals, the Clydesdale is about twice the weight of the Horse ... in horsehair.


 As with all our measurements, the length of all the Horses is "overall"...
tip to tip -- including the handle.

Flying Horse Bushy 26” long   Black Horsehair /Wood Handle $95. F099
   "      Horse Sting-y 32” long  

Black Horsehair
/Wood Handle

$95. F100
   "      Horse Signature
Black Horsehair /Colored Handle $125.   F104
   "    Clydesdale Thuddy 34" long  Black Horsehair /Wood Handle $115. F102
   "    Clydesdale Signature 34" long Black Horsehair
/Colored Handle
$145.   F104C
   "    Clydesdale Basket Wve 34" long Black Horsehair /Colored Handle $170. F104B