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Mini Birch and Mini Birch II

For the New Year - new variations       C030
... the Black Birch & the Zebra for either
the Mini-Birch or Mini-II.

    The original Mini Birch, a teasing and pleasing toy, is modeled on the "Drummer's Brush," except that it is made of stiff white polyethylene rods in a clear handle with black end-caps, rather than of steel wires in a steel tube.                             


Mini Birch II, in our Basic Black handle, however, is not a teasing and pleasing toy! A thin bundle of limber 1/8 diameter rods -- the same as can fill the Little Birch and Sonofabirch™ -- sting like blazes when laid on with a will!

   And, if you can't make up your mind ... Black or White -- choose the new Zebra.

   Ya' pays yer money and ya takes yer choice!

This is what a customer said about I:

   "The Mini has a good sting to it, but not too bad I was told. A good intermediate implement.M"

18 long  $35.  C030
  Moderate 18 long $35. C031