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Traditional Style Cat

   This modern version of the dreaded British Navy Cat is nearly as savage as the original. Used with intent, it stresses the nerves and makes deep bruises, but ...“laid on with a will”-- it will knock the breath from the body of the punishee!  It is, however, considerably less abrasive than the original and if used with some moderation and restraint it will not make a “bloody shirt,” and so it can be endured by us normal mortals.

   Built to last with nine back-spliced 1/4" nylon tresses of dense "braid on braid" rope, this punishment instrument still calls for the utmost Attention To Duty on the part of the flogg-er and a considerable degree of resolve and fortitude on the part of the person who stands in front of it.

   The Traditional Cat has a Signature handle with Turk's Head knots, very much in the Naval tradition. Choose and mix handle colors: Red, Black, Blue, Purple, Green, Yellow, Brown, etc. Standard tress color is Black. Other colors are available by special order for an additional $25.00

   Take a closer look: (click here) The last 5 inches of each tress is turned back inside for extra mass and effect. To make it sli-i-i-ightly less severe, you can have it with 5 inches of core removed before the casing is back-spliced. Your option.

   The design and the construction of this implement is just about perfect for its purpose. If you are a heavy player, it's for you. And, if you are also a vegan, we can make it your way if you let us know.

   29” long