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Gillianís Paddle

     Designed with style elements from mid-Victorian "domestic paddles" and the classic hairbrush, Gillian's Paddle reaches both cheeks with real authority! Construction is a double layer of leather over an edge-to-edge Delrin™ core totaling nearly 1/2Ē in thickness.

     Like all paddles, it can be used gently, but Gillianís Paddle has the size and weight to make someone really very sorry --  unless they like blazing butts !

   Choose Burgundy, Black, or Russet leather. Make one side Black Pebble Grain for an additional $10.00. Now -- add Bunny Fur in Black or Dark Purple for an additional $20.00

      A customer wrote us to say: "I got Gillian's Paddle. WOW! The paddle makes a very solid impact for such a small tool, and because of its size, Master swings it pretty hard after a few strokes. OUCH! Your products are nothing short of amazing. Bud"

  Severe 4"x16"