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Cats of Many Tails

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What is a Cat?
Leather Cats
  Rubber, Metal and Vinyl Cats   Fibre Cats - Nylon, Codline, & Hemp



Featured Item:
Our wood handles have a new, improved look and feel. We've changed the wood and the finish and it fairly glows! Feels good in the hand too and will be more wear-resistant. Available with all the models that have large or small wood handles.

Leather Cats

Alley Cats

Good working flogger. Supple bullhide tails. - moderate  27" - 29" overall

$99.- $125.

Gorean Slave Whip

Inspired by the novels, 3 leather lashes in our new furniture finish wood handle do the job! - severe  32" long overall. Now -- also available with Rubber tresses.



Medieval-style torment. Thick leather tails. New wood handle finish.- extreme 42” long. (Also see the Martinet on our second Cats page.)


Linguini &
Wet Noodles

Black Bullhide or Cowhide, or in Deerhide in Black or colors. New turned wood handle.- moderate  30” long
Rubber, Metal & Vinyl Cats
Ballchain Cat
& Kitten

Chill in freezer or use with “Violet Wand.” Our Signature Handle. Heavy, Ballchain tresses on Cat, fine on Kitten 20-24” long
The Corkscrews   K045-K047  
Johnny Corkscrew's five twisted tresses make small bruises. Signature handle with your choice of color(s). Black neoprene twists. 24” long. Johnny's got a brassy new friend with three rubber twisters. Elegant 24” long
Loopy Johnny
New Low Price! It's become the darling of the chat rooms and blogs over the years because it's very effective despite its size and is an ideal travel companion because it is also less noisy than most. moderate - now 18" overall
The Scorpion
Round neoprene rubber tresses. 5 tress or 9 tress versions. Signature handle. Surprisingly nasty! 26” long
$115. - $125.
Fibre Cats - Nylon, Codline, Hemp
The Navy Cats
Authentic! Made of rough 1/4” manila rope. Also with Red leather-covered hard handle.- extreme  36" or 48" long.  **See our new real Hemp models.**
$125. - $225.
Prison, Thieves' & Jailers' Cats
For Prisoners, whipped ends.  Cuts!
For Thieves, knotted ends.  Bruises.
For Jailers, shorter, smaller. Still cuts!
All haveour new Wood handle. 6, 8 or 12 tarred codline tresses. - extreme - 36" 42” or 48" long
$100 .- $195.
Traditional Cat
Nine substantial tails, weighted Signature handle, no knots. - severe  29” long
The Viper
Adam’s Masterpiece! Single tapered codline braid in Signature handle with 12 knotted tress-tips.- extreme  42” long
Shower Power
You'll have power as well as fun in the shower with this neoprene-tressed cat. Even the Lucite handle is not afraid of getting wet. 42" overall - severe
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What is a Cat?

   In the Floggers section, we explained that we consider the difference between a Flogger and a Cat to be the number of tresses, or tails. If there are too many to count at a glance, we call it a Flogger. If you can see and enumerate each tail, it's a Cat! Because of the way rope is made (and used aboard ship for punishment) the Cat o' Nine Tails has become the quintessential cat. Some of our cats have nine tails. Other cats have more -- or less, depending on the style, the material, and the intended use. Cats are usually more sting-y, while Floggers tend to be thuddy.

    In addition to our assortment of leather cats, from the gentle Wet Noodles, to the oversized and overpowering Big Bopper, we also offer cats in other materials. Each has their own qualities: the unusual St. Christopher and The Viper (Adam considers this one of his "Masterpieces") are made of tarred codline, also used by fishermen for their nets; the vinyl Men o' War (Man o' Wars?) can be used in the shower -- or the back yard pool!

   Rubber cats have a feel and quality all their own ... they leave a "memory" after each stroke -- and the effect is cumulative! We have found that with rubber, in cats, floggers or straps, either you love it or you hate it! There doesn't seem to be much of a middle ground. [You have been warned!] :-)

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