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These are all made by us of the finest leathers and materials. And, if you don't see what you want ... Call! Buy with confidence, use with satisfaction. Click on the underlined text for more information and purchasing; on the photo for a larger view. Use your "Back" button to return here.

Feature Item:
The Hairbrush Paddles. Our most popular paddle. In two sizes. Two layers of bridle leather with an internal stiffening layer. Choice of colors and thickness.

   See Holes in Paddles before making your decision about having holes added.
Pocket Paddle
In leather or plastic. Good for OTK. Single layer. Choice of color. 12" or 14" New rounded handle butt - Holes optional. -moderate


Hairbrush Paddle
Our most popular paddle. Two sizes. Two layers of leather with an internal stiffening layer. Choice of colors and thickness.


Gillian's Paddle

Thick oar-shaped leather. Can be patent or pebbly 1 side in Black. Other colors available in regular leather only. Also with Black Bunny Fur.


SoleBend Paddle
In 3 sizes - 2 styles. Choice of colors and handle. One layer of leather for the blade; or Double -- smooth both sides. Squared or rounded tip. -moderate


Square Paddle
Laminated; rectangular; choice of color With or without handle stiffener or internal nylon core. Excellent value. Also with Black Bunny Fur.


THE Paddle
Our classic shape; Can be one-side pebbly in Black only. Also with Black Bunny Fur. New narrower size too. Come look!


Frat Bat
What you remember ... but in leather. No letters. Can have holes. Choice of color. Full 24" long.


Holey Paddles!
  P061 &
  P063-Holey Cow!
Holey satisfying!. Choice of color and pattern of holes. And - a longer version -- Holey Cow! -- more is more! See Holes in Paddles for more information.

$95.- $160.

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Why Paddle?  

   Most often, when people first explore BDSM, they usually want to try out the sensations of spanking. It is usually accomplished with the bare hand and usually over-the-knee ("OTK") or in the bed. It is a very intimate and "up-close and personal" kind of activity. And, needing no equipment, it can be impromptu. But ... pretty soon the spanker starts to hurt almost as much as the spankee! He or she wants some respite. Or the insatiable "lead-bottom" wants more, and more and ... as you know, the average hand is full of small, delicate bones and only lightly padded. The average butt is round and has big bones under the surface. This is the one of the main reasons for adding implements to the play.

   For novices, play-at-homes and just about everyone, the Paddle is the easiest and most convenient implement to use. It is small enough for over-the-knee positions, is firm enough to be accurate, and is effective in many different shapes, designs and materials. Usually it is broad, has a handle of some kind and the "business end" is either round or square.

   Our personal preference as crafters of BDSM toys is leather, mainly because it "gives" more than wood and is more forgiving of error. Leather can be as firm and authoritative as the heaviest hair brush, especially when made of boot-sole leather and/or laminated for mass and weight. Or the leather used can be be lighter in weight and "smacky."

   Among the leathers we use for paddles is a wide variety of sensations: from the slickness of patent leather to the knubby textures. Even among the bovines, there is a difference in texture and sensation between smooth cowhide and the more robust bull hides. We even have a new Adam's Paddle with a furry side to contrast with the hard, smooth leather or gritty layer of the other surface. Paddles of any variety are usually an economical choice as well. A top-of-the-line paddle is usually less expensive than a plain flogger. (See Flogger section.) Paddles are made to be firm and stay that way with continued use. On the other hand, straps are more flexible, and get even more so with use.

   Our cored paddles have an inner support that is the full size of the paddle. No steel bar down the center to wear in and eventually defeat the paddle's shape in use. The paddle edges are rounded, dyed and burnished and the entire paddle is polished before it leaves our shop.

   Like our other BDSM toys, we make almost all the paddles models you see in this section, so you can alter the specifications of length, thickness and color of the paddle to suit your own needs, usually with little or no additional cost.


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