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The Straddle

   The Straddle combines the limber stroke and loud crack of a strap, with the accuracy and control of a paddle --- hence its name. You do not have to use a full-arm swing in order to stay "on target." Premium harness leather more than 1/8" thick is doubled over an unbreakable flexible plastic core, so the strap will not twist in mid-air, resulting in an "ouchie" edge-shot.

Small Straddle

    Sized for up-close and over-the-knee work, the smaller size Straddle is a much kinder, gentler whuppin' strap -- considering that it is still a heavy piece of leather with an unbreakable handle providing leverage. Same handle-shape and color choices as its larger mate.

(Without the inner core, it is our Double Strap, available in the same colors and handle choices.) Choose Burgundy, Russet or Black leather.

Our customer recently told us:

   "The Straddle, however, really got her attention. She about jumped off the bed with the first swat and called it the 'black beast' afterwards. M"

  Large Moderate 2.5 x 22" long
  Small Moderate 2.5 x 16" long
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