Vegan Selections

   We know that some of our customers have reasons for not wanting any of your BDSM implements and toys to have any animal products in their construction. We have gathered these items for you as suggestions toward that goal. Of course, if there are others that you may want made in a vegan way, please call and let's talk about it.

Floggers and Cats -- The Aristo-Cats -- These were our first "whips," both for our use, and for sale to others. They are made of nylon cord on a covered metal handle. If you ask us, we will omit the small leather "cap" at the top of the handle, which is usually the only animal product in the items.
 The Lady, The Lord, The Grand Duke, and The Duchess

   Also in the category of nylon floggers are Fat Albert, our unique Tribble ... and for heavy players ...
St. Chris, the Newgate,  Prison and Thieves' Cats  the Penultimate Cat, and the Lewis and Clark-inspired Cat -- all in knotted, nylon tarred codline. Not for sissies!

**Also in this category:
Nicholas' Cats -- one with capped ends and one with Signature handle, both have braids that open into knotted tresses, smaller but similar to the Chris. And, the Jailer's Cat, a shorter version of the Newgate for use in smaller spaces. **

    Our Traditional Navy Cat is made of nylon braid-on-braid, with a size and texture close to leather and leather braiding.

And, you don't want to miss these special items:

The Ballchain Cat and Kitten,  made of metal, and the Old Time Navy Cat which comes in manila or hemp rope!
Also see the Nasty Cats and their Brass versions. They have vegan options as well.

Don't forget your Rubbers! -- We have a large selection of round rubber and flat rubber Floggers and Cats, starting with the Basics.  Also see Loopy Johnny,   Johnny Corkscrew, the Brass Corkscrew, the Scorpion, and the Black Cat Flogger. We also have a Shower Power cat, with acrylic handles and neoprene tresses (yes, it can get wet).

There are several Rubber Straps: The Great Bear, the Little Bear, Slick Slim and the Notso -- all have neoprene rubber blades. Ask us about replacing the leather handles with plastic.

Single-Tail Whips -- We have added a severe, braided Codline Colt, in several configurations, like the ones used in the old American fleet, and a Black nylon Snake Whip. Our unique Viper is still a favorite, and one of Adam's Masterpieces.

Crops -- The vegan Crops have a faux leather flapper in basic Black, instead of leather.

Paddles -- We have a few space age plastics ... and if asked, can make other shapes in plastic as well.   See: The Plastic Pocket Paddle -- in White polyethylene or Black Delrin®.

Rods and Canes -- Our rattan canes are vegetable, of course, including the infamous Singapore Stick and the new Dragon Canes. (Yes, they really do exist -- and we've got 'em!) The Modern style and the DeLuxe versions are wrapped in nylon with vinyl end caps.
    Also see our space-age plastic rods: the
White Lightnin' and the Thunderbolt; the Black Rod, the Fingers, and for heavy players ... the Shortbok.
        **Check our Canes section for a one-of-a-kind all Nylon Carcass Beater. ... Effective! **
          Also NEW this year ... the Bottom Brush ... ya gotta see it to appreciate it. See it here.

Toyture Devices -- All the items in these categories are inherently vegan ... the Suckerfish™ and the Libertitty Bells™ are soft vinyl. Adam's Grabbers™ and Gillian's Grippers™are plastic; other clips and clamps are metal ... the apparatuses (apparati?) are vegan as well, like the Titty Tower™ and the Labia Lifter™.

     We hope this will be of help to you in assembling an assortment of toys to please both you and your partner. If you have any questions, please call us (631) 842-1711 M-F 10am-7pm ET.

One of our customers told us:
"Congratulations on crafting such wonderful toys, and being vegan. It was so nice to see such an extensive vegan selection. So thank you for that too! M"

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