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Pocket Paddles

   These are great beginnersí or warm-up paddles, small enough to fit in pocket or purse. Originally designed for use in BDSM clubs, to keep in your back pocket and still be able to sit down. (The White Plastic Paddle was also easier to find in the dark!) Convenient, but not as effective as it could be.
    Now, we have added a 14" model (shown in photo) with a longer handle, to both the Leather and Plastic versions as an option at no extra charge. Choose mild and convenient at 12", or more sting-y and still portable at 14".

Leather version:  Made of a single layer of sole-bend leather, gracefully curved, beveled and grooved. New rounded shape of the butt makes it look better and is easier to hold securely.   
   A riveted overlay gives stiffness and long life to the handle. Choose Burgundy, Russet or Black.

Plastic version:  Either length in White or Black, gives a fast, hot, penetrating spanking, with or without holes. It is also virtually unbreakable, waterproof and easy to clean and care for.  Great for "water sports." (see below) 

   All of these Pocket Paddles can be had with a hole pattern, for an extra $10.00.

This is what our customers have had to say:

   "The Pocket Paddle (in plastic with holes) - Though I had initially purchased the paddle for bath time use, for which it is extremely effective, I have found it to be very versatile. The light weight yet sturdy structure allows for rapid movement making it excellent for OTK use while still being rigid enough to use on a bent over spankee like a typical paddle. Though not as pretty as the leather implements I've purchased, its functionality makes it an excellent addition to our toy box.DM"

   " The ... Pocket Paddle ... arrived about a week and a half ago, and is wonderful. I cannot imagine a better introductory toy for people just getting started in spanking. Thank you, thank you, thank you. -- D"

   "I got your Pocket Paddle about 15 years ago.(!) In fact, it was the first paddle I ever bought. Still works and still looks good! ... I guess I am growing my own heirlooms. :) That Pocket Paddle, for all its quaintness, is a pretty potent little instrument! I don't get the requests for its use that I get for the flogger but when I do use it, it always gets me promises to behave (and I'm a switch, so I know what it feels like too!) Phil"

   "I appreciate the generally excellent quality of your products and thought that it might be an excellent first
"real" spanking tool for (her). T "


3 x 12" or 3 x 14"




3 x 12" or 3 x 14"