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Slipper Slapper

    Some of the most vivid memories that we have heard about, were of childhood recollections of being hit with a slipper ... closely followed by those with a wooden spoon.

   This Slapper is our attempt to address both those memories with something that is more moderate than either a shoe or a wooden implement.  

   Regular visitors may have noticed that we removed the photo and information about Slipper Slappers in colors other than Black. That has changed since we have found a source for the leather with the "feel" we wanted. So, once again you can have your Slipper Slapper in your choice of Russet or Burgundy in addition to Basic Black.

Easy to hold, great for OTK.  Shouldn't you have one by the bed?

This is what our customers have said in email when the Slapper arrived:
"... we have received the Slipper Slapper you have sent us. We are very pleased with it, and will surely return for more soon. Many thanks!M"

   "... thank you .... thank you .... thank you!! The Slipper Slapper arrived today and it's just great!  i had requested shipment prior to the 15th, and wow ... here it is!  i know that Hubby is going to be very pleased with this gift. Thank you again for a perfect product, and sending it to me in such a short amount of time! You guys are awesome ...:-)  mary... "

12"  overall